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First Cycle - Need Feedback

I’ve been researching this for a while now and I thought I was ready. I did most of my researching on line (not in forums) and by talking with people that have experience and now that I’ve been searching through this forum I’m not sure that I planned things correctly. I tried to find the answers to my questions through the search feature (and google), and I did find a lot but to be honest there is a lot of information out there and I’ve seen different “standards” recommended. Anyway, I feel like I’ve reached the point where I can ask for feedback.

BF 13% ish
Been lifting since I was 15 (off and on)
Bench 305, Squat 405

My goal is to add quality muscle while hopefully lowering my BF. I’m not going for any sort of extreme cutting or anything. Here is the stack. Originally I was planning on doing sust/winni as there are a couple of people I know that have experience with this stack.

Now here is where I run into my problem. I was listening to people who said,“don’t listen to what you read in the forums. This is what we do and this what works.” I of course took that with a grain of salt, but when I read descriptins of some of the compounds it sounded like they new what they were talking about. For instance, they told me to shoot sust 500 once a week. I read that sust was designed to be longer lasting and injected less frequently. On this site I’ve been reading that you need more frequent injections to keep the test levels *balanced.

Anyway that is an example… there are multiple. Well I am in my second week and this what I have available to me. I am not currently able to acquire anything else and whatever I don’t use by the end of 10 weeks I can’t save or take with me (except the Proviron). I have:

Sust 5000mg enough for 10 weeks.
Winstrol depot 50mg per amp, 18 amps.
Proviron 25mg per tab 80 tabs.

This is what I am planning:

wk 1-10 Sustanon 500 250mg 2 x week
wk 6-10 Winni 50mg EOD
wk 6-10 25mg Proviron
wk 13 (10 Days) 50mg Proviron
wk 13-16 Nolvadex for PCT
wk 14-16 (20 days)25mg Proviron

Thank you for your time.

Only want to do winni EOD?

I bet someone else can give better advices but from my understanding this waterbased steroid shows better results if administered daily to give a consistent blood lvl…
If pinning EOD was what u want I would trade winni for tren in a heartbeat, BUT the majority of people I speak to do not advise Tren for the first 1. I say go for it… I loved it…

Thanks for your reply. I guess a more specific question, in regards to the winni, would it be more productive to do 3 weeks of winni pinning 50mg ED or 5 weeks pinning 50mg EOD? Thanks.

[quote]JayD025 wrote:

wk 1-10 Sustanon 500 250mg 2 x week
wk 6-10 Winni 50mg EOD
wk 6-10 25mg Proviron
wk 13 (10 Days) 50mg Proviron
wk 13-16 Nolvadex for PCT
wk 14-16 (20 days)25mg Proviron

Thank you for your time. [/quote]

Wk1-8 Sust 525mg/wk (75mg/ED)
Wk8-10 Winstrol 350mg/wk (50mg/ED)
Wk1-10 Anastrazole 0.25-0.5mg/day
Wk11-14 Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20 (mg per day, per week)


  1. Sust has Prop in it and as such is better shot more frequently. Daily is (always) best.

  2. Proviron does little that stanazolol does not, and it is not effective enough to control estrogen to be used for that reason (at ALL these days).

  3. You need an ACTUAL aromatase inhibitor, not merely a non-aromatisable androgenic steroid that has a strong affinity for the enzyme (Proviron).

(IIRC Stan actually has the same sort of affinity for aromatase as Proviron)

  1. If you stop the Test at week 8, you can run the Stan for the last 3 weeks, allowing some decent anabolism during the bridge between cycle and PCT.

  2. No Proviron during PCT. The fact it has been proven non-inhibitive in healthy men is not a green light for it to be used in recovery.
    It is highly likely that a suppressed HPTA may find a little inhibition from the Proviron enough to prevent a full recovery and due to it being an androgen, you prolly wouldn’t be able to tell if it did until you came off anyway.

  • I havent read any of your post, so i am in no way suggesting you should or shouldnt run this cycle - i dont know you.

It is just how i would re-design the cycle you had planned for optimum results.