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First Cycle, Need Caber and Arimidex Info

Hey, guys. This is my first cycle im doing on my own without assistance (last one I did was with an old trainer about 4 years ago at 16). Anyways, I plan on running 250mg Test E every monday and Thursday, Deca 250mg every monday and Thursday. Caber .5mg every monday and Thursday, and Arimidex .5mg every 3 days for 12 weeks. My question is, should I start the arimidex and caber immediately with the test and Deca or should I wait a little while ways in? Should I continue to use it a couple weeks after I’m done with my cycle? Appreciate the feedback.

You shouldn’t be taking the caber unless you absolutely need it. You don’t know if you need it until you’ve been on nandrolone for at least a month and have blood work to confirm high prolactin (which is possible but not probable). Don’t just take random shit because you can. Have a reason to do it. (I’m ignoring the part where you started steroids at 16 because I simply can’t get into that kind of mess today)

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Alright, thanks for the info! I’ll definitely get my blood checked a month into. Regarding the arimidex, should I start immediately with the deca and test or wait? Ive tried researching it but there are all sorts of answers.

There are three main schools of thought on that question.

  1. Start it when you start your cycle
  2. Wait for e2 sides to appear
  3. Don’t use an AI at all

Our resident guru and endocrinologist is anti-AI and he makes a very compelling case for using Nolvadex instead. I’m not smart enough to know how to argue against his logic. I know for me and my trt protocol I started my AI when I started my injections. I also need a little more than a lot of guys seem to. That’s just how my body responds. It took many adjustments to get it right. But I’m also on for life, so I have a longer window of opportunity to get it dialed in perfectly. For guys on cycle you basically have 10-12 weeks of wild hormone levels to wrestle, so if it takes you six weeks to get it right you’re already halfway done. So your goal isn’t to get it perfect in a short amount of time, it’s to not fuck yourself up too badly. You know what I mean?

Yeah, I completely get what you mean, man. That being said, I think I would rather just start from the beginning and see how it plays out. Rather be safe than sorry, ya know? I got more one question. Should I continue to use it a couple weeks after my 12 week cycle?

Safe than sorry… here is where that can be wrong. If you crash your E2, which I have done twice now, you are going to hate life. If you start your AI from the beginning I would recommend doing a very low dose and then upping it if you start getting sides. No more than 1mg per week on the arimadex IMO.

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^ What he said