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First Cycle, Need Anti-Estrogen Advice

Hey guys so im starting my first cycle here in a few days and I’ve heard some peoe say I need an estrogen blocker and others say I don’t and I have no idea what kind to get im 25 and here’s the stack im going to be doing
Cypionate propinate npp I’ll be doing 2 months on one month off

That doesn’t help us out at all… Gotta give amounts… And why only do 8 week cycles?

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You need to know what you need to use and understand why. Otherwise you may be back here in a few months whining that you feel like shit because your hormones levels have crashed.

I am not going to spoon feel you any answers because you should be reading up for months, questioning much of what you read and understanding why so much advice that you find is simply guys repeating the same bad practices and mistakes of others. The group -think in BB forums is mostly crap and mostly because new guys drown out good advice.

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I agree I’be done research and could use your help tho im in my first week of 200mg npp 200mg pro 230mg cyp im only taking the pro And cyp a half cc every 3 days and taking a half cc of the npp every day I’ve been told not to take the estrogen blockers and others have said you have to can you please help me out and if so which one should I get?

I don’t understand why your taking cyp and prop? I mean u think I understand your logic use prop until cyp kicks in? You do know the difference? Ones fast acting and the other takes a few weeks to build up. But honesty I would tell you to use arimidex. But only use it if nipples get sore and sensitive. That means you are getting estrogen build up and arimidex will knock those bitch tits right off.

Ya exactly im using it until the slow acting starts to kick in and thanks bro I will look into it I haven’t had any sore nips or anything like that