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First Cycle / Need Advise


Greetings, I am 5' 10 220lb 42 years old Male, I want to cut down to 190lb. I go regularly to the gym and I eat healthy. I always push myself in the gym. My fat is in my stomach and chest.

I wanted to start with Tren/ but my dealer suggested Test/Mast with anavar pills and Estrogen blocker.

I used decca in my 20' and I developed some gyno, I did not use it well, I was misinformed.

I decide that steroids will help me shred what I cannot achieved by dieting and exercise alone, maybe two cycles and then try to maintained it? Any words of wisdom out there?


steroids don't exactly help you 'lose fat', per se.

rather, they will help you maintain lean mass while you cut calories and increase cardio.

don't get me wrong.. steroids (some steroids especially) definitely do make losing fat somewhat easier.. id suggest looking into a moderate-dose testosterone cycle, something like

500mg test E/week
.5mg adex every other day

and explore the usage of drugs that are actually designed to make you lose fat, E.G. dnp.

dnp will strip that fat off of you in no time assuming that diet and training are on point. 250mg of dnp per day for a month and a half, coupled with a reasonably tight diet, will have you at your goal.

and the best part is, it only reduces fat mass, leaving lean mass untouched. it's the best thing out there for overall body transformation.

don't believe the nonsense that you will inevitably read online about it, as it is complete nonsense.


just to clarify, have you used any steroids in the last 20 years?

honestly, at your age, you might have the beginnings of lower testosterone. if you haven't already, i'd get bloodwork to see where you're at (testosterone, estradiol, etc).

androgens kinda help you lose bodyfat, but they don't do all the work. however, if your "T" is on the lower end now, it might be more impressive...