First Cycle, Need Advice

So I’ve been recommended this cycle and wanted to see what you guys think about it.


Nandrolone phenylpropionate 100 twice a week

Test propionate 50 twice a week

CJC DAC once a week

HCG in week 3 10 iu and Week 4 25 iu both twice a week

Letrozole twice a week during week 2,3,4 and 3 times a week during week 5

Week 5-10:

Test propionate 50 twice a week

Primobolan 100 twice a week

Parabolan 100 twice a week

CJC DAC once a week

Letrozole 3 times a week from week 6-9 than twice during week 10

HCG twice a week in week 6 at 10 iu and week 7 25 iu again twice a week, repeating the same schedule for weeks 9-10

Turinabol 50mg before workouts from week 10-12

Week 11 and 12 take primo and parabolan once a week and stop taking test, also letrozole twice a week during week 11

The person that gave me this said that he’ll let me know what the PCT is going to be once I’m close to week 11.

I’m a total noob at this and this will be my first cycle, I’ve heard that a test only cycle of 500mg a week would suffice for a beginner. I don’t see how 50mg of test twice a week is enough and the 5 weeks of nandrolone seems weird from what I’ve been researching. My goal from this cycle is to cut and still keep some gains.

Any input is appreciated.

There is nothing okay with this cycle. Do not do this cycle.


This is quite possibly the worst cycle I’ve ever seen laid out. Horrible, never listen to that person again. Let me guess, he’s the one selling you the drugs? Why on earth would he not tell you the PCT. having it on hand from the start is important in case for some reason you are forced to stop early and PCT early.

Total waste of money.

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Lmao this is exactly what I thought

I dont know anything about you but I can tell you along with anyone ever. Dont do this. Test prop is a short acting steroid and your levels will be whacked by day 3. That’s only the first drug listed and its wrongly dosed and timed per week. Literally every drug listed is wrong dose and timing. 1st cycle is easy man. 500mg test cyp or test ent per week. That’s used 2x per week. So, 250mg on sundays and 250 mg on wednesdays. Keep it simply. Get some nolvadex for your pct. Or use clomid. Read up on pct! Ask more specific questions when you need to. Do not start a cycle until you have everything for the cycle and pct, including your needles. Unless your like me and you can get needles from the cute needle exchange girl that delivers to my house for free:)

Thanks for the reply brother, that’s what I’ve read all over the place, just a simple test cycle for first timers.

Just a few more questions, with the test only cycle should I still do the hcg during cycle? Also is the t-bol a safe stack with test for a first time just for a couple weeks. From what I’ve read it doesn’t have too many sides?

HCG shouldn’t be needed, and no need to add Tbol. Keep it simple, you will see big gains just from test for a first cycle.

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So follow up question, if I can only get my hands on test prop, what would be appropriate? 150 eod?

Test prop is a bit stronger than test cyp or enth. It’s about ester weights but I won’t get into that. You could prob go 100-125mg EOD. If you are doing fine on the prop and decide to add tbol do it toward the end. At least you will know how you feel on the prop by that time. Short ester cycles are not run for long durations either like the original 12 week cycle you laid out.

Could you elaborate more on the Ester weights if you have the time. Also as mention above for my pct someone mentioned Nolvadex, should I only take it during cycle if I notice any gyno symptoms?

Google “test prop ester weight” and read first hit. I’m on an iPad so typing is rough. That should explain it all.

If gyno prone then you can run 10-20mg of Nolva per day. It blocks E2 receptors in breast tissue.

Np, I’ll give that a read, appreciate it. I’ll go to my pharmacy and see if they have Nolvadex today. If you guys have any other tips or articles that you might think will be beneficial send them my way. I might have already read them before, but still it won’t hurt for me to keep reading up on any info you guys might think is useful.

Also I want to get some BW done before I start my cycle, do I just ask for a complete blood test and hormone test(idk if that’s what it’s called) or is there anything that I need to ask for specifically? Btw I’m in the Middle East so does anybody know by experience if the test out here is of decent quality?

“Go to my pharmacy and get nolvadex”
I’m jealous man…

And testosterone is so cheap nowadays to produce, you will rarely find it as fake. The most important thing to do is check on the brands you have available and find something that is accurately dosed. Like, is the brand consistantly found to have 250mg/ml in their products. Alot of stuff is even made over the dose in underground labs because If the customer sees better results for their dose, they will be return customers.

Test prop is great stuff and that’s cool to run a 6-8week cycle of it Instead of cyp or ent. 150mg EOD is a good 1st cycle… I personally would skip the oral AAS this time… you’re gonna get great results this 1st one and you will be better off to focus on how you maintain your gains after cycle. Theres always another cycle, another run. Another 8-12weeks to experiment on yourself :slight_smile:

TT, FT, E2, LH, FSH, SHBG at a minimum

So I literally didn’t have internet for a whole week, the government shut down the internet due to protests lol.

As far as pct, are Nolvadex and Clomid the only things necessary? I’ve read stuff about Arimidex but everyone seems to use that as a last source. What’s the difference between these three products and what are the pros/cons of each? Also what is femara and what are the pros and cons of that, they said recommended that at the pharmacy over here?

Are you in HK?

No I’m in Iran

For PCT you would pick either clomid or nolvadex but not both. I mean some guys run both but the consensus on here is that it’s not necessary. Nolva is generally more tolerated with less sides. Arimidex is an AI and not to be used during pct. It’s used to control high estrogen on cycle and a little goes a long way FYI.

Thanks for the info brother!

Do you guys recommend I pin myself (if so can you guys give me some tips) or should I try and find someone that knows what they’re doing to do it for me?