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First Cycle Need Advice

I will be starting my first cycle of test e at 500mg a week 2 injections. I was wondering if running .05 arimidex on both injection days would be the sweat spot or not? For pct I’m running nolva 40/40/20/20 do you think this is a good pct pr should I also add clomid?

i would also be interested in some responses to this. Arimidex right off the bat for a first cycle, and if so, how much? Clomid or Nolvadex for PCT? Regimen?

That PCT is spot on, as long at you wait 2-3 weeks after your last pin to start.

I have found that I am perfectly fine without an AI on cycle, and if you are what they call an AI over responder, 0.5mg (I’m assuming you typoed that when you put 0.05) might crash your estrogen and make you feel like complete shite. If you insist on using an AI, I would suggest .25 every other day, or every 3rd day to start, and adjust as needed. Most will tell you to start a week or so after your cycle starts.

Please read the “Ask Physilogical” thread in this forum. Written by an experienced endocrinologist, this thread explores the current evolution in belief that you should NOT use an AI on cycle, but rather a low daily dosage of Nolva.

Aren’t you 16?

Good catch. I just looked at your photos. You’re pretty lean and have a decent build. Why don’t you try a natural bulk for a little while and see how that goes for you? Far too young for this and honestly, by your photos, you’re not ready.

Lol nahh I’m 18 now. I’m 6ft and weight about 183 at 10% bodyfat.but do you still think it’s too early?

And we’re supposed to know that how? Put some words in your other thread. Age, stats, etc.

In either case, yes it’s too young, especially given your current condition (presuming the 3rd pic is recent, which looks the same as the 2nd pic from 2 years ago). There’s zero reason to run a cycle now. It would bring more problems than benefits and you can see tons of progress by dialing in your training and nutrition without the risk of using AAS in your teens.


no you aren’t. nobody would post a thread saying ‘here’s a picture of me at 14, then 16’ and not mention that they are 18 now, without an accompanying picture of their current physique. Regardless, an 18 year old kid who looks the way you do in those pictures is far from ready for a steroid cycle. FAR from ready. As in, not close. As in, go back to eating and lifting, and forget about it for a long while.

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3rd pic I’m 18 how will ik I’m ready? cuz I feel that I hit a plateau. My bench Is 185 for 5 deadlift is 365 for 2 and squat is 305 for 4.

Dude, these pics look like they’re three days apart, not two years apart. That’s not a plateau. That’s you not knowing how to eat or train.

Head over to the Bigger, Stronger, Leaner forum and start a thread laying out your current training and nutrition. You’ll get plenty of info.

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LOL plataeu at 18…

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185 for five isn’t even intermediate. I know what a plateau feels like but it might be from your nutrition, rest time, or training. The is no reason to start a cycle at your level. Refine your training and stay natural for a while. A bulk would break those plateaus most likely. But most importantly, I can’t tell you what to do and this is only my opinion.