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First Cycle, Need Advice


Hi this is going to be my first cycle and I'm running D-bol and test. I have no idea what to take with these and what to take after these, and how much to take, any advice would be great.


then dont if you dont know what the hell you are doing to put it simply


advice: don't do steroids.



You should read the stickies in this forum before you post.



Your profile says you're 20y/o jesus christ. Regardless of your stats, you're too young to start AAS. Your natural Test levels are prime for gains at your age. Unless you have some pre-existing endrocrine ailments. Which I doubt you do.

  1. Train for another 5 years at least.
  2. Find a few good programs to follow and build a solid foundation.
  3. Know how to conduct those programs and train properly.
  4. EAT! Research good bulking diets.
  5. Research. The search engine on this site is all you need plus reading the stickies at the top of the forum. Once you think you've researched enough, do it some more. You can never know enough.
  6. Get a job. Gear is not cheap. Neither is food these days.

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