First Cycle & Need Advice/Help

Hello all, I’m totally new here and new to juice in general. I’ve been doing alot of research lately and wanted opinions of veterans of the game.

I’m 5’7, 180lbs, roughly 11% body fat. I’ve been working out for about 12 months hard, solid diet. Since starting I’ve gained roughly 15 lbs (taking creatine, protein, clear muscle, peak atp, Mr.T natural testosterone booster as well as my multi-vit, and omega-3).

My goal: I’d like to shed 10 pounds of fat and gain 12 pounds of lean muscle.

I’m now planning on starting a cycle, here’s what I’m thinking of going with for a first cycle.

  • Test E for 8 weeks starting at 300mg/week for the first two weeks then jumping to 500mg (depending how I feel)

  • Anavar from week 4 to 8 @ 40mg/day

  • PCT plan starting 2 weeks after last injection consisting of Nolvadex, Clomid & HCG.

I have a few questions based on the above…

  1. Is my goal something that could be achieved with my plan above ?
  2. What do you recommend for dosage of each of my PCT plan items & for how long ?
  3. Should I take Nolvadex throughout the whole cycle ?
  4. Anything else I should know as a newbie ?

Thanks all for your time!

i don’t think you’ve done much research. if you’ve only been working out for 12 months, then you can achieve those goals without steroids.

below are some links with some info you need to read up on:

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