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First Cycle Muscle Spasms

11.8% BF
24.4 BMI
Age 30

I’m 3 1/2 months into taking 200mg test cyp a week, opted for a ‘low’ dose to see how things went etc from what I’ve read most would consider this TRT situation, but I only plan on continuing use for 6-9 months. I started at the weight of 172lbs and have been consistent with my work outs, having not missed one session or injection the entire time. My diet is subpar but relatively healthy.

My body has changed drastically in the sense of strength and muscle development. I workout with a 3 day split mon/wed/fri and do a body weight circuit on saturdays, usually 45 mins of a HITT variation. I also work a very physical job climbing towers, 600ft of vertical ladder a day, 6 days a week which is why I chose to skip cardio as my heart rate hits the roof with every climb.

Just wanted to give some information before my question and I guess I’m wondering if anyone has experienced pretty consistent muscle spasms in new muscle growth areas? As an example, my forearms and last/shoulders have near doubled in size and I can definitely feel the extra meat for lack of a better word but for some reason I’ve noticed when I move a certain way or extend the muscles too quickly, either when I reach upwards with my arm or move my forearm from bent to the extended position they will lock up momentarily until I fully extend into the movement.

I looked into the forums for information and read about over use and muscle fatigue, but for some reason I feel like something else might be effecting me that I can’t figure out on my own, hence this post. After researching possible reasons I started a pretty rigid stretching routine to try to counteract the symptoms but the spasms remain consistent. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any suggestions for a possible remedy?

Do you supplement any minerals like zinc or mag?