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First Cycle & Mood Questions

I got some questions so far, this being the end of the fourth day on / 2 shots in; It’s test e, 500mg a week split into two days with a’dex .5mg daily throughout.

I’ve always read people won’t notice anything until the fourth or fifth week, but I’ve noticed some mood effects since the first day. During parts of the day I feel, umm… unusually “happy” / I guess that’s the best way to describe the feeling. Like I’m more whole. I really feel better, and have been kinder with people.

One strange effect, I’m much more patient with redundant tasks; Such as making dinner salads, packing lunches after work and school etc. I can focus on repetitive things easier and for longer periods of time. Is that a normal effect? Oh, and I feel I am handling stress MUCH more easily. These past four days in retrospect have been nasty but they didn’t get to me like they normally would.

Are these things that the a’dex could be doing since it works quicker, estrogen is dropping and it raises test itself? Or could I be feeling the actual effects of the test this quickly? Or have I just mastered the art into tricking myself into feeling great? Again, everything I’ve read is that you don’t feel it until weeks later but I’m already feeling pretty damn good! :slight_smile:

Nerve cells experience some response to androgens (membrane changes) within seconds of exposure. Absolutely a perceived effect can be immediate.

Many don’t frontload their cycles and thus don’t build up the intended levels until a few weeks, which is one source for not noticing mental effect till then.

In other cases there may be reasons that aren’t physically explainable but are probably more into psychology. For example, I’m more easily frustrated even a couple weeks out of a cycle (with short-actings, so that’s not the reason) just as much as during, even though they’re not in the system.

A sense of improved well-being isn’t uncommon. I’m glad your cycle is enjoyable!

Btw, I don’t think Arimidex increases testosterone during a cycle because of natural production being suppressed anyway by the androgenic level, and conversion to estrogen not being a major mode (only a tiny percent) of the metabolic elimination of testosterone. It is possible though that lower estrogen levels may have to do with your psychological effect, though in fact one does not want to drive estrogen levels abnormally low. (Not saying that you are, as that’s probably not the case, but sometimes it can be.)

I never considered the use of an AI contributing to the quicker than normal feelings of well being that some folks have when starting a cycle.

Do you think one would experience an even stronger feeling of well being by using a stronger AI such as letro?

Thanks for the answer Bill! Good to know this isn’t uncommon; Even if it was it wouldn’t make it a bad thing, but still interesting.

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.


Your reports are also typical of (those who respond well) those on TRT who have been suffering from lower T levels. When then feel better it is when their T levels reach high of the normal range. Your levels prior are not posted. But you are taking 5 times a good TRT dose. You should be feeling something. Many of these aspect can be transient.

As for Arimidex: By removing some E, the competition of E VS free T for T receptors is reduced, which increases the effect of any given level of T. I do not know how fast E polluted T receptors turn over when E is reduced. I asked Bill Roberts about this issue of E being a T agonist… but have not had a response. While on steady TRT of 100mg/wk of test cyp, + 250iu HCG EOD, I recently began 1mg/week of Arimidex. The effect on libido has been very effective. T levels probably did not change. Perhaps the E agonist issue at work.


I am under the impression that letro is so effective that there is a danger of depressing E so low that libido and negative health effects occur. With liquid anastrozole, one could at least make incremental adjustments to dosing to try to find what feels the best. TRT often leads to improvement of mood, and tolerance for otherwise annoying situations; while E levels increase and libido wanes.

We might want to consider that mood can increase with T even while E:T ratios are becoming adverse to libido. And yes, lower libido can have negative effects on mood for some. Regaining/improving libido would certainly improve mood for some. Perhaps not so much for those without a mate.