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First Cycle - Microdiscectomy Recovery


I am looking to do my first cycle ever to help me recover from the muscle loss that has occurred following a severe rupturing of my spinal disc and compression on my spinal nerve.

I haven’t had the surgery yet, but have been completely bed ridden and medicated for 6 weeks. My surgery is scheduled for 3 days from now. I have lost 18 lbs and am likely to lose significantly more before my initial recovery phase (3-6 weeks is over). I did not injure myself training, in fact I woke up in bed with the injury after a 10 day break from training as my work was extremely busy.

I am 32 years old, 6’, 176 lbs and around 13% bodyfat. I had my diet dialled and before this problem plagued me I was in generally excellent condition training, using 5x5 and PPL routines for years. I am capable of dieting down to sub 8% body fat and do so annually.

I am wondering what kind of cycle I should run to help me recover.

I am thinking either:
Test E at 500 mg for 15 weeks,

Test E at 500 mg for 15 weeks + a 4 week dbol at 40 mg kickstart, EDIT: scratch the DBOL off of the table as the dbol muscle pumps in the calves I read about may cause confusion that I am experiencing sciatic pain.

Test E at 500mg for 15 weeks + Deca at 250-300 mg for the first 10 weeks.

The Test/Deca cycle is included as I think Deca may be the best cycle choice for my joints and recovery. I know that it is not typically a first cycle compound but think it could be beneficial on a low dose due to the joint effects.

I will be taking arimidex as an AI on cycle and both nolva + clomid as a PCT or just one SERM for PCT if I take test only. I was not planning on taking HCG. Would that be a mistake?

My training will begin 6-12 weeks post op depending on my doctor’s advice and I will be working on a heavily modified exercise routine with the guidance of my physio and doctor’s advice.

What are your thoughts?

I will not be cycling under my doctors’ supervision but I will be getting independent bloods. I will not be cycling with the goal of maximizing training intensity and maxing strength gains.

I will be cycling with the goal of a strict recovery by following a very slow and safe poregression while avoiding any significant spinal compression. I am hoping to (re)gain muscle mass and speed up what is going to be a very challenging recovery period. I’ve never done anabolics before, but have taken the time to educate myself on them.

My primary concern with this is that my muscles recover much faster than the joint and back disc and I get too much confidence too early. I would be highly cognizant of this fact if I do proceed and would be careful of just that.

Below is a study on back pain and test+HGH benefits which was one of the factors in my determination that a recovery focused cycle could be beneficial:

You should not run deca unless you’ve already run test and know how you’ll react. It’s got a very wide range of responses and you’ll want to minimize externalities as much as possible.

You could add anavar towards the back end of the cycle, provided you handle the test well. Anavar is used in a lot of medical settings and has a good track record of safety and minimal risk. As long as you don’t go too crazy you can use it safely without trashing your liver and you lipids (though it will do some level of harm, no way around that).

But honestly? Just run the test. It’ll give you what you want and it’s much easier to manage than just about anything else. Don’t start it until a few months after your surgery, once you’ve fully recovered, and after maybe two months of lifting natty. You’ll put a lot of lost size back on once you get back into the gym, so there’s no need to rush. Recovery first. That’s got to be your primary focus.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I think you are right; test only it is. Straight test E for 15 weeks at 500 mg per weeks with arimidex as an AI and Nolva and/or Clomid PCT.

I think your advice on timing sounds good too. Thanks.

I second what Iron said however I want share a bit for you to think about for down the road.

I do not know the exact particulars but Franco Columbu had a very extreme back injury during training. He was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s train buddy and best friend back during the Pumping Iron era. Well the Doctors told Franco he was not going to walk again. Again I don’t know the particulars but he did use Deca as a recovery aid after his injury and possible surgeries. He walks fine now. He has flat out said he is able to walk because of Deca’s healing ability.

Since you don’t have any experience or limited experience with steroids I again second what Iron said. However if you do not get the desired level of recovery after your test run I would read up on what Franco did and consider it as a follow-up recovery cycle. For the record Franco is a doctor himself so he had to know something that urged him to use Deca that way.