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First Cycle: Masteron/Clen. Need Help Adding Sustanon

Hi everyone,
I am running Masteron @450mg/week. This is my first cycle. I am cycling clen @ 20-40 mcg. I am in my 3rd week of this cycle and everything is going great.

I want to add Sustanon in this cycle, should I wait for the second cycle or should I start it in between? I will get an AI on hand in case of any bloating and my PCT will start after 3 weeks of my last administration using the protocol as follows:
Nolva 10/10/10/10

Suggestions to improve this cycle as also encourged

Masteron only no test eh?? I thought approximately 100mgs Test a week is necessary as the bare minimum to any cycle. Testosterone is important to us in order to carry out normal bodily functions. Also a standard PCT is Nolva 40/40/20/20/20. 500mg Test a wk is a standard first cycle as well. I don’t want to step on anybodies toes here as I’m not the most knowledgeable individual on here but this is standard.

That being said its probably a good idea to get Sust or some type of Testosterone in your cycle and more Nolva for your PCT. Some people prefer testosterone cypinate or Enanthate compared to Sustonon because they have more stable blood levels which leaves less room for side effects.



Where did you get the idea for this cycle and pct? Did you come up with this on your own?

Thankyou for taking out time and replying, much appreciated.
I will use test but I can use a shorter ester for like 4 weeks right after my masteron cycle or should I add it right now? Kindly tell me whats the best dose to add test to this cycle.

Updated PCT:

Bro what was going through your mind when you decided to start injecting without doing any basic research?


Bro I do researched a lot and tbh I didnt opt for test myself. Morever, more questions pop in your head when you actually start injecting lol. I wanted to run mast alone. Mast is doing a good job with pushing the water out and I am at 9% bf now but now I want to pack on muscle and I just want to know if I should complete this cycle as it is and take test in my second cycle?

You will gain 0lbs of keepable mass with this cycle. So if the goal is to “pack on muscle” then you’re nowhere in the vicinity of that.


Should I run sust from the 4th week then? i will run sust for 8 weeks?

I know I took a weird path, I just wanted to cut and then pack on lean muscle. Now if someone can really help me with the cycle, it would be super helpful. Thankyou everyone for your kind suggestions. Keep em coming.

Eight weeks of sustanon is not ideal, but if that’s the only for of testosterone you have then I suppose any port in a storm.

It’s going to push your pct back by an extra ~10 days or so, just fyi.

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Okay so this how the cycle will go:
Week1-8: Mast@450+3iu HGH (sorry I forgot to mention I am using HGH too)
Week4-12: Mast@450+Sust@500 (Kindly help with the dosages too)

Pct 3 weeks after my last administration.


You need to fully understand the mechanism of action of the drugs you take before injecting yourself with them.

Plz take some time and do more research rather then just taking what strangers on a internet forum tell you as fact.


8 weeks of HGH. Fuck me. Bro just transfer me the money you’re wasting and I’ll put it to good use instead


Ok guys, I think I am going to finish this cycle and then come up with the results, thankyou for knocking some sense into me, hopefully my next cycle will be on point. Cheers.


HGH is a long term cycle. At 8 weeks you may not see any significant changes.

If you have the Sust now, just add it in. How much sustanon do you have? Can you run it for about 12 weeks?

I can easily run sustanon for 12 weeks or more.

I’d seriously consider that. 8 weeks just isn’t that long to get the results you want. I love masteron myself and have run a couple of cycles with it but you need that Test base and you’ll get better results too. As I said before, HGH should be run at least 90 days if not 120, but I know its expensive too.


One more question, can I run masteron only for 8 weeks. Then start sust from week 9 to week 20? I am getting pretty dry and I am loving masteron myself. After I am done with mast, I can run sust and take care of the sides too. What you do say?

I’m not sure. Never ran Mast only. Let me bring in @zeek1414 and @iron_yuppie, some of our resident gurus.

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He’s already been givin the answer to this question. I’m not sure what he doesn’t understand.

As I said above for someone to run mast only they have no understanding of the mechanism of action masteron has. Mast prop only pre stage might be ok but it’s completely pointless for a cycle of any sort.

The better question is why would you run mast without test.

Again OP if you understood what mast is and it’s mechanism of action you would know the answer to this question.