First cycle (MASS)

What do you guys think of this cycle as a potent first MASS cycle?

weeks 1-10 test @ 500 (CYP or ENANTH)
weeks 1-10 EQ @ 400
Weeks 1-5 dbol @ 40
weeks 1-13 Arimidex @ .5 EOD
week 13-16 Clomid therapy (300, 100x20)
weeks 13-16 Nolva @ 20 ED (some people reccomend it for post cycle… i am still unsure if i want to run it or not)
Weeks 10-12 500in’s HCG ED (Unsure of this as well…becuase i have read it is suppressive of my own T levels)

I was going to originaly run the cycle for 8 weks but many people have said they think 10 would produce better gains because the test takes 4 weeks to start working.

I was also planning on Frontloading but some people say it is a waste… I personally like the theory but I am a novice so I do not know what works and what doesn’t

Of course this is a bulking cycle but my main goal is health so my anti-E’s are my numbre one priority.

Thanks for all the advice/critiques and FLAMES in advance

I will start by telling you to cut your time to 8 weeks. no aas takes 4 weeks to begin working, besides that is the point of a frontload, to get it into your blood quick so you can end it sooner and begin post cycle recovery. 10 weeks is going to be more suppressive than an 8 week cycle and it also means your going to have to wait even longer to begin post cycle therapy. I might also suggest increasing the eq to 500mg. you don’t need the nolvadex at the end with the clomid just keep it on hand. if you are going to use hcg use it starting around the 3rd or 4th week at 500iu’s on a saturday sunday protocol.

not a bad cycle at all. snipe listed some good advice. bump up the eq a bit. drop the nolva. the length is your call. honestly with enanthate and eq you will get a good 10 weeks of use in anyways. i’ll bet ya $20 that you up the dosages on the test and eq once you start feeling them working. its agreat feeling. kind of like your first piece of pussy. after that your hooked. welcome to the dark side.

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I would use the hcg at 500iu eod or every third day starting about the 3rd week and stopping it the same day as your last aas injection. Other then that 8 weeks if you frontload will probably be just fine. If this is your first cycle your gonna blow up anyway. The more suppresive your cycle is the more challenging it will be to hold the gains made. As for dosages I’d see how you do and kick it up a bit by the 4th week if your not crankin. The guys who told you not to frontload are also the guys who probably think it takes 4 weeks for test to kick in… Otherwise I really think your gonna like this cycle you’ve planned.

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yeah i went to another board for once (i usually read this one) and they all said 10 weeks would be best and dont frontload. I think i am going to frontload and run for 8 weeks instead. I also will only run the clomid post cycle.

I bought some Fina and a kit but I don’t know if i want to inject everyday. I was going to run TEST/TREN/DBOL @ 500/100ED/50ED but I decided to tone it down a bit and just run Test and EQ.

I will save the Fina for later or ive it to my friend for what i payed.

So is the arimidex @ .5 EOD going to be good enough? That is really my only question or concern.

6pak, that should be fine for the adex

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Frontloading sounds like the way to go. You want to achieve a steady state concentration of the drug as fast as possible. Here’s why: even at lower dosages, you will get endogenous T suppression. Since you’re suppressing your HTPA anyway, you want to get the most bang for your buck, and get to recovery as soon as possible. I wonder if this would make sense with Mag 10 as well.

The eyes rolling back thing…the first time I saw that it kinda weirded me out. It’s all good though.

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I am just finishing my first cycle and asides from using sust it is pretty much the same as what you outlined. I gained 30 lbs at my peak and have been off for about a month now and am holding onto 20-25. Strength gains are still there for the most part too. You’re gonna like this cycle.

Ohh yeah, I frontloaded. So should you.

If you do not frontload you are making a big mistake trust me. There is a difference. I have tried it both ways just to see and there is a difference. Being that it is your first time within a few days you will feel it inside you. Just like one of those little Aliens creeping to get out of you. You’ll be walking around sporting wood wanting to shoot that acid all over the damn place then when you done you want to go and lift some weights. Trust me people will know something is different and so will you and you will just sit there giggling inside of your head laughing. HEEE HEEE HEEE. Where can I get more. OH, shit I forgot, I quit.

To seriously answer the question now. It looks like a good cycle. Pretty similar to some of the first few that I did. I am a big fan of Test/EQ, Test/D bolt Test/Tren, Test/anything. I would up the EQ a little bit but that is just me. You should still see great results being that this is your first one. Good luck.

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Hey bro’s. Thanks for all the advice. I will probably start in a week or two.
I will probably avoid the HCG all togeter for my first cycle and just run the arimidex throughout and clomid for post.

PS: This is the best example of a hijacked thread I have ever seen on T-mag.