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First Cycle, Major Disappointment

Coming up for 11 weeks now of 420mg test e with 20mg dbol kickstart. Back on dbol for the last 2 weeks as test was so disappointing. I’m 6’2 and been training naturally for 7 years. Training intensity is higher than anyone I see at my gym and I have a thorough knowledge of diet. My genetics suck but I thought steroids would help me overcome that - to some extent they have and I see how I could build a great physique with prolonged and varied drug use.

Went from 180lbs to 208lbs, arms grew an inch chest grew 2 inches and legs grew quite noticeably. Put at least 20lbs on every upper body lift and more on squats. The thing is I stopped growing after about 7 weeks, when everyone says the gains start.yes I kept gaining weight and minor strength improvements but measurements didn’t change and I started to get fatter. The whole eat 1k surplus on gear is bullshit - I got fatter by the day when I tried to unleash this magical nutrient partitioning that people mention.

Now trying to lean out a little and tidy up my physique before coming off. Currently 200lbs which is a 20lbs gain from start of cycle and leaner, but I literally look the same only ever so slightly fuller. I actually feel like the test was bunk but a few of my mates use the same source and I’ve got a lot hairier so I doubt it. However there was no sex drive increase after the first 2 weeks. No alpha male feeling, no feeling of wellbeing, nothing. Just felt the same as always and bare in mind my natural test level is only 400ng.

Now I look better than most natural lifters in the gym but the dbol helps a lot with the pump. Test alone was a massive disappointment and as soon as the kickstart stopped the strength gains slowed right up. Just a reality check for anyone considering a first cycle …it works but the visual effect is minor and you won’t transform your body with a test and dbol cycle.

That’s kind of surprising. If you gained 20lbs it should be noticeable. I guess it’s harder to tell because you’re taller, but do yourself a favor: go be around some people who haven’t seen you for a few months and see if they notice a difference. I’m willing to bet they will.

The lack of increase in sex drive is not a great sign that the test was legit. If you want to know for sure you should get blood work done. But either way I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t go the way you hoped. That’s disappointing.

Well AAS aren’t like a magic pill in a bottle or injection in a vial, you may have been close or at your natural genetic potential considering you trained for 7 years prior to using gear, the closer you are to you natty genetic max the less gains you will make on gear (this is total bro science, I’m speculating). For instance, if I was to run a full out cycle, say test, deca and dbol, I would have no trouble gaining 20 pounds of lean mass and another 20 of water and fat (I know that sounds like a lot, but I’m not close to my genetic potential) whereas you may only gain 5-10lbs. That being said I will likely never reach my genetic potential due to joint pain. It’s possible you got bunk test, the only way to find out is to get bloods mid cycle. Everyone responds differently to anabolics, it is possible you don’t respond strongly to testosterone, next cycle you could possibly either try test from a different source or keep the test low and add a different anabolic too see if it works better