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First Cycle Maintaining/Gaining Gains


Hey guys im 23going on 24 been training 4years all naturally and have had decent gains about a solid 20-25lbs that i kept regardless of training/diet! I am a fearly small guy 5ft4’ weigh about 145lbs and pretty muscular naturally i find i have “gifted genes” having said that i recently started my first cycle wich looks about like this…

Week 1: 20mgDianabol(2tabs/day)
Liv52(2caps a day)

     (2): 30mgDianabol(3tabs/day)       
             30mgGW50/day Prework
             12 1/2mlAromasin/day

     (3): 30mgDianabol(3tabs/day)
             1 1/2mlTest-E with/
             30mgGW50/day Prework
             12 1/2mlAromasin/day

     (4): 30mgDianabol(3tabs/day)
             2mlTest-E with/
             30mgGW50/day Prework
             12/ 1/2mlAromasin/day

     (5): 30mgDianabol(3tabs/day)
             2mlTest-E with/
             30mgGW50/day Prework
             12 1/2mlAromasin/day

     (6): 1 1/2mlTest-E with/
            12 1/2mlAromasin/day
     (7): 1mlTest-E with/
            12 1/2mlAromasin/day

     (8): 1/2mlTest-E with/
            12 1/2mlAromasin/day

PCT: Starting 2weeks after last injection 1tab/day of Clomid for 20days!

I am at the end of the first week and already noticing gains some water weigh but nothing major at all kinda like when im taking creatine, i plan on maybe someday doing competions but defintly being a certified trainer so im in it for the long run now my question is im doing a fairly small cycle and know i will get good gains from it bit dont want to loose much am i better off cruising on test e at like 250mg a week till i decide to do another cycle? Or do my pct and just hope my natty test comes back quick due to a small cycle? I already have a kid so im not too worried xD You more experienced guys let me know thanks!


that’s a horribly shitty cycle.


lol at being 5’ 4" and having “gifted genes”


Alright well if you cant answer my question and are going to hate like a little bitch dont bother posting please!



When you’re a munchkin, sometimes you need to be careful with your choice of words.


Hahah (Y) 145lbs with already bigass muscles cant wait after a few cycles i might not be tall sher you can lagh at that bit i def aint no 6ft toothpick xDI have NO problem being short as my life has been perfect as a short guy but i dont see any of your gains pictures xD exept a cat hahaha


but all the muscles, all the steroids will never make you adult sized.

You’ll be a munchkin forever. A swole munchkin, maybe, but you’ll still be ridiculous.

Take it like a man, short round.


also, does “(Y)” mean something in young person talk? I’m not at an age where I’m cool enough to know shit like that anymore


[quote=“geneticallygifted, post:6, topic:218891, full:true”]
Carol Anne, don’t go Into the light…[/quote]

Fixed that for you, stumpy.


I can’t even imagine someone lighter than me by 70lbs being a pain in the knee to me in real life.


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You guys are halarious bunch of internet talkers xD hahaha pkeep em coming im loving it hahaha you guys must really have no life coming to talk shit on a forum of a guy asking for some advice xD man i feel srry for you guys hahaha btw someone 70lbs lighter than you who is most definitly as strong if not stronger than you man i would be ashamed! Anyways wont be replying to you tools anymore if anybody else has something mature or helpful to say still open for the others with nothing well go jack off on soneone elses shit thanks!


I’ve really never met any 145lb runts in real life talking thrash to me. You feel I’m the “internet talker” here? LOL!!!


Okok I shouldn’t have stooped so low. Perhaps there’s some way we can see eye to eye.

Given the rather short length of your cycle and your intent to taper the test up and down, you might consider using an ester with a shorter half life.

Sorry, the last sentence practically wrote itself.


aw nice! Feel free to recommend as many foreign horror films as you like.


no need to belittle the guy; you’re just making yourself look small.

I bet you wouldn’t talk down to him like that in person.


You’re right. I shouldn’t have gone down to that level. I should have been the bigger man and walked away.

Sorry, OP. I applaud you for taking the higher ground and rising above all the silly insults.