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First Cycle, Lots of Labs

Without going into too many reasons, I decided to give the Roberts/Filipidis protocol of 2 on/4 off a go.

My compounds consisted of test prop and Dbol. Ancillaries were Adex, Nolva, and Femara just-in-case.

As a newb, some things I learned:

I read an interview with a guy from a famous UG and he said they never filtered a thing. The only part of the process that they really cared about was making sure the labels were on straight. So I filtered everything through a .22micron Millipore filter.

During a 2 week cycle, every workout matters so I couldn’t be hindered by painful test prop injections so I cut everything 2:1 with filtered GSO, which I filtered as well.

Soreness was nearly nonexistent after filtering and cutting. What little soreness there was was due to injection technique. My left quad was more sore than my right, and my right glute and delt was more sore than the left. I’m right handed and I believe this is due to what hand I was using for the daily injections.

Injecting daily is easy, I would definitely do it again, especially given the volume of oil I was injecting.

I have a love/hate relationship with Dbol. I was totally taken aback by the feelings of euphoria and aggression. I was in the gym working out and started having fantasies that I was walking with my kids and someone pushed my son out of the way. In my fantasy, I beat him within an inch of his life. It was a very vivd and very pleasurable fantasy. I gained 9 pounds in two days, but was definitely looking smoother. Increasing my Adex took care of the bloat.

Two days after I started 10mg/Dbol/day my nipples started to get sore and they remained sore for 2 weeks even though by PCT I was taking .5mg/day of Adex and 40mgs/day of Nolva.

Low estradiol sucks balls. My elbows, wrists, and hips were sore every morning, I was so tired I could barely stay awake, and I couldn’t get hard although that really didn’t matter because I was too tired for sex, anyways. In 3 months, I only missed 2 workouts and both were during PCT because of fatigue due to, I believe, low estradiol.

I think the relationship between T and strength isn’t as straightforward as I once thought. My very best workout was the day my serum T test came back as 125 and estradiol was 44.6. I felt like crap the day my serum T was 687 and estradiol was 38.9. it seems like the strength/T levels relationship isn’t so simple, at least in the short term.

On the last day of my cycle LH and FSH were both >0, which leads me to believe that Bill was right and that, at my dose, I was not fully supressed after 14 days.

That’s all for now.

Your post is confusing–what dosage of T-prop were you taking each day? Your levels were only at 125 and 687 while on cycle? What am I missing here? It appears to be a big piece of the puzzle…