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First Cycle, Looking for PCT Clarification

I am a 27 yr old male considering his first cycle. I have been training on a pretty advanced level since I was 11 and I have a very good base to work with; I am currently 225 lbs at 5’10 and 12% BF. Blood work has been done and everything is within normal limits as far as lipid profiles and hormones go. I’ll be doing a high volume hypertrophy and strength phase and eating 4000 cals daily; 50C35P15F.

I want the most ideal PCT for a the fastest natural testosterone recovery. I don’t intend on doing many cycles so I plan to make this one count and I have a somewhat demanding lifestyle so I want to mitigate the post cycle suppression phase as best as I can.

My cycle will be as follows 500mg Test Enth/week split up in 2 doses a week for 10-12 weeks. I am toying with the idea of adding mid -low dose(20-40mg) anavar for the last 6 weeks but still undecided; probably not though.

Have Arimidex on hand; some say start to take if needed while others say take .5 EOD starting the second week for simplicity as precaution regardless; feel free to chime in on this.


I keep hearing conflicting evidence on PCT from many angles and it’s driving me insane.

After a lot of research and digging I found the above protocol on youtube recommended by IFBB Greg Doucette and it made sense to me so I opted to go with this initially…

Initially I was gonna use a 5000ui bottle of HCG starting 18 days after my last shot of test e in descending fashion EOD… 750 mcg X 4 shots then 500 mcg x 3 shots then 250 mcg x 2 shots

25 days after my last test e shot and about a week after starting the HCG I would start the Nolva; 40mg for 18 days and then 20mg for the last 14 days.

However I keep hearing conflicting information such as…

Don’t do the HCG during PCT because it effects the HPTA axis in a way that makes the natural test recovery take longer there by hindering your pct. I’ve read here to take it on cycle and up until just before the Nolva to keep the boys “on” so we don’t have to work so hard to get them going again.

This makes sense to me but I’m still unsure and I don’t know what dosage would be. Someone told me 500ui twice a week. Is this too much? Can I get away with just 250ui twice a week to keep them stimulated during the last 6 weeks of the cycle and then right after the cycle blast them with the descending dose fashion I wrote initially EOD for the 18 days before I start nolva?? Or screw the descending thing and just go from 500ui/week on cycle to 500ui EOD for 2-3 weeks then Nolva??

Please let me know, HCG dosage and timing is my biggest confusion right now.

Lastly I notice some people her take clomid along with nolvadex in their PCT. Is this better? Will it provide faster test recovery? If so then I would rather take both.

Thank you for reading this far, I would really appreciate feedback.

Well done. If true these are better stats than most who have already cycled.

Did you test TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, and SHBG? What were the results?

There are two camps on this as far as no AI or starting one, but .5mg EOD is too much either way. More common would be .25mg-.5mg 2x per week… not EOD.

Either is likely fine. Many TRT guys run up to 1000iu per week. Typically you will run it straight pinned 2x per week up to your PCT regimen but not during.

Stick with Nolva solo IMO. I never understood why taking two SERMs would be beneficial but there are alternative opinions on this of course.

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Greg reccomends using HCG prior to starting the SERM, not concurrently.

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Maybe just pure jealousy, but holy shit those are unreal natural stats. 28.5 on the FFMI? Have you taking a shit load of SARMS? Or just a genetic freak of natural. That’s awesome.

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Pct plan:
Day after last test shot: HCG 500iu twice a week for two weeks (this is entirely optional)

14-18 days after last test e shot: Nolva 40mg for two weeks, 20mgs for four weeks
Alternative would be Nolva 20mg/d for six weeks. That seems to work just as well (anecdotally) and requires less of an initial dose.

As long as you wait for the ester to clear and you’re taking Nolva for long enough you’ll likely have a successful PCT. You don’t actually need to get into the weeds with this stuff too much. There’s a simple way to do it and it’s very effective. Or you can do the highly complicated way and get perhaps the same result.

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I know right… @thethrivingbeast care to share some pre-cycle photos and keep a log?


I mean, I admittedly don’t believe it one bit, but certainly would love to be proven wrong! Straight up monster if so.

I know my stats are rare, it’s crazy… I’ve been accused of juicing since I was 15 and I’m bigger and leaner than most of my friends that have done cycles. I definitely have some great mesomorph genetics but I also train like an absolute animal and eat very well for the 16 years I have been training. A lot of it is in the legs too, very stocky build; ppl usually guess I’m around 205 until they see my legs. As for bloodwork TT was 24.5 nmol/L FT was 398 pmol/L. I didn’t get the full hormone panel so I will have to go back next week to get the other ones I think they charge extra for those. I will check again mid cycle and on pct. Thank you for the all the feedback this makes sense.

I definitely will! I already jumped to 236 but that’s mostly water weight because I was eating low carb and keto before and all of a sudden started hammering 400gm carbs and creatine every day for 2 weeks lol

Thank you, I guess it is easy to overthink it especially when you read into what others are doing. I will keep it simple.

I know man, I get accused of juicing often but I never took anything before what I am planning now, a lot of it is hiding in my legs; massive quads. I definitely have a stocky build and low tendon insertions. I also bulked really hard when I was in young and going through puberty so I think that set me up for success early on.

The optimal way is to use HCG on-cycle, start to finish: 250IU twice per week is sufficient, more may cause extra aromatization. Begin the SERM about 7 days after the last pin of HCG. You need to time the clearance of the Test. E from your body, which will be about 42 days after your last pin. Many people are not aware of how to calculate this properly. 8.5 day half life X 5 half life cycles= ~42 days.

Nolva 10mg EOD x1 month is more than enough. You risk AI effects with enough Nolva converting to Nordendoxifen. Cue the broscientists, saying more is better…

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Definitely sounds like it. No homo, but would love to see a photo. I’m struggling to even maintain 200lbs and I’ve run 3 cycles now. Body keeps wanting to go back down to 195. Super jealous man, if I were you I wouldn’t even touch that shit, 225 is AWESOME. 210-220 always been my goal.

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Thank God for someone who understands clearance times and doesnt parrot the ‘2 weeks after last pin’ bullshit PCT advice.