First Cycle! Looking for Help and Advice

Hey guys recently I have decided to do my very first cycle! Took my first shot injection today!
10-12% bf
I am running test C 500mgs a week 250/mon 250/thurs for 10weeks
And thinking about adding winny weeks 4-10
For the hardening and the cutting 50mgs a day for 6weeks.
Like I said total rookie. Never done it before.
Any and every piece of advice I can get would be awesome! Thanks

What does your PCT look like?

and what AI are you using?

I can get both clomid and nolvadex
Idk weather I should run both or just run one at a time.
But here is how Ive been told to run it
nolva at 40/40/20/10 and clomid at 100/50/25/25…

20 to draw
25 to inject

Macros are 200 protein
300 carb
40-50 fat