First Cycle - Looking for Feedback

Hello everyone

Looking to run my first cycle of EPI-10 Epistane and was hoping to get some feedback and advice before I start ordering… I have done quite a bit of research and feel pretty comfortable with it.

Week 1: 30mg
Week 2: 30mg
Week 3: 40mg
Week 4: 40mg

In addition, I will be taking Cycle Assist, fish oil, hawthorne and milk thistle. In addition to a good protein, obviously.

Starting in week 4 of the cycle: Nolva 30mg,
Week 5: Nolva 30mg
Week 6: Nolva 20mg
Week 7: Nolva 20mg

Will also be taking a T-Booster starting in Week 4, along with creatine to maintain gains.

If I could get some solid feedback I would appreciate it!