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First Cycle - Looking for Feedback


I have been playing with the idea of running a cycle for a few years but always thought it was smart to wait until mid 20s. After doing some research this is what I had in mind for my first run.

Stats: Age- 25
Weight 200
BF- 12%

I was thinking of running Test 100mg, Tren 100mg, Stan 10 40 mg and Anastrozole throughout the whole cycle

Weeks 1-8 100 mg GP Test Prop100 taken every other day
Weeks 1-8 100 mg GP Tren Acetate taken every other day
Weeks 3-8 40 mg GP Stan 10 per day

For my PCT I have

clomid - 100/50/50/50
Nolva - 40/20/20/20

any feedback and support would be greatly welcome and helpful.


Eh, fuck that. Just do test 500mg each week for beginner cycle, pinning multiple times in the week. Also acquire an ai just in case.


GP was my first cycle.. good times

run the adex at .25-.5mg EOD and you should be set


Why run all that for a first cycle?

Cut the tren, save it for later..

Others may chime in but why not start at something simple 250-500mg test/wk Mon/Thurs


I really think people should stop parroting the advice "run 500mgs/week test E" and try to consider other first cycles. Yes, that's great for many and is quite safe, but there's no reason not to try something heavier if you have the knowledge and training experience... Stay at least a bit open minded - that's how things are improved!


Just my two cents, but I would bump it to ten weeks. It may not make a huge difference normally but its your first go at it.

Also good choice on short esters, I certainly prefer them. It may be a hassle at first, but you may wanna go ahead and try to pin ED, tren ace feels better that way but I realize thats a tall order for a first timer.

Either way your prolly gonna be a bit sore the first week, find a few comfy spots.


I know that a shorter ester would be easier and less painful to pin, but might just go with what I have. Running all this for a cutting cycle , what do you think?


Oh no you already have short esters which is good imo, and they actually tend to leave you more sore to pin.


Test is bread and butter. The reason I said 250-500mg is because he could do 250mg a week and get great results- no need to increase if he keeps gaining.


250 a week? You are freaking kidding. That is not far above standard trt levels. Sheesh.


Why does everyone say 500mg is a must or 250 is too low to produce results? I know countless people who grew like weeds on 250mg. Natural test production is estimated at 70mg/week.. 3.5 times this is not enough? lol.

Seen it all to often, kids start on 500mg by their 3rd cycle nearing a gram.. Is that needed