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First Cycle, Looking for Advice


Hey guys this will be my first injection cycle and done alot of research but i suppose nothing beats getting real word of mouth advise. I will give you guys a quick break down of my prohormone cycles and my stats and then ask some prolly basic/stupid but just need to be sure questions before i inject. ( yes defo feeling like a pussy lol )

First was epistane at 30mg ed great pumps and felt great and a bit of size but that was about it. 2nd was epi and bold and that was a better cycle, got stronger and gained size. My 3rd and final oral was mdrol. TERRIBLE IDEA. I always pre load with cycle assist and continue using it throught my previous cycles and keep hydration constant because i know orals are extremely harsh on the liver but around start of 3rd week of my mdrol cycle i developed a lump in my right side at my stomach. It made me extremely sick i lost all my gains and could not eat and even had trouble keeping water down. Went to the docs but didnt say what i had been taking and he gave me medication for it just said it seems to be an infection, it eventually cleared up. I never even done a pct for it i just lay sick to my stomach for about 2 weeks. It was enough to take me off prohormones for ever as i assumed the mdrol was far 2 toxic for my body to handle even with cycle assist. That was over a year ago now and been training nat since. Now i want to step it up as i have always wanted to cycle with test just never had the connections until now.

So my cycle is this:
Test E: 300mg 2x week / Week 1 to 12
( i would run dbol if i thought my body would take it but because of the 'mdrol experience' i scared to even try it )

Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 50/50/25/25

Height: 5'9
Weight: 14 stone
BF: Around 17%

Bench: 90k
Squat: 160k
Dead: 200K
Mil Press: 30k
These are lifts on what i max at say 3x4-6 reps.

Breakfast: 3-4 eggs 4 toast
Meal 2: 50g chicken lettuce in a roll
Lunch: 50g chicken salad baguttee
Meal 4: protein shake and bannana / might change and be chicken/lettuce roll again lol
Dinner: Usually steak and potatoes and salad or its chicken or pork
Meal 6: Few scoops of peanut butter and few glasses of full fat milk

I dont count calories only try and make sure my protein is high, i know my carbs will be pretty high aswell, maybe even more than my protein.

Not sure about running an AI during cycle, i have read on here its best to but the guy im ordering from says there no need to run an AI and he will throw in extra nolva if i feel like gyno might be a prob. But according to him he and no one he knows has had any problem with gyno before... ( he might just be a douche, im not 2 sure ).

Gonna be doing glute shots since it seems to be the hardest part of the body to fuck up. I know everyone is different with pain but what do you guy honestly think of a 23g for a 1st timer, and i know i aint the only person who is shit feared of needles lol. I have many tats and they werent all bad but how does pinning compare to getting a tat? Also when the test does kick in what should i expect to 'feel'?


Run an AI

Might prefer 25g, tattoos are worse

Can't say what you will expect everyone is different.

More carbs imo