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First Cycle Looking for Advice. Ripper Blend+Anavar

Hey everybody,
I was looking for some feedback and advice from people with more experience for my first cycle. about 7 months ago i purchased 4 vials of ripper-blend along with some anavar. Recently changed jobs and went into the family business which destroyed my daily routine so i shelved this stuff until i got that under control. i didnt want to start my first cycle and only make it to the gym twice a week, or miss out on sleep or meals. the person i purchased it from told me to follow this regimen and wanted to get second opinions.

Im 29 around 250lb 6’0. ive probably put on atleast 20lbs of bad weight since changing careers trying to adjust and being out of the gym for awhile. i was 285 in november and cut 35lbs since getting my routine back in order. that aside heres a list of everything.

4x 10ml vials of “ripper-blend” which breaks down to per 1ml:
-stanozolol 50mg
-tren acetate 50mg
-test propionate 100mg

100x tabs anavar 10mg
80x tabs nolvadex 10mg

The regimen i was told to follow was:
-1cc test/tren twice a week for 4 weeks.
-2cc test/tren twice a week for remainder.
-2 tabs anavar a day until i was out

PCT: 2 tabs nolvadex until i was out 3 days after finishing my cycle.

After doing some research alot of ppl start heavy on the nolva day 1 and then ramp down so im not sure and it being my first cycle i wanna make sure i have everything i need prior to starting it and hurting myself.

thanks everyone

Who told you to follow this?

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Advice would be to put them back on the shelf and let them stay there until you get more experience with AAS. Do some research on what a proper first cycle should be. (Hint: not tren)

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JFC. This will end in tears.


Also I’m assuming he had access to whatever I wanted, he just told me what I was looking for gain wise, I said I was trying to lean out, he called me back with everything I posted. The supps and how to take them and on what schedule.

Also one of my main concerns is essentially I’m out of touch with this guy if shit goes south, I wouldn’t have the means pick up more nolvadex for example, or switch to something else. I’d be basically screwed.

You can see the response above is not positive… and for good reason. Read a few of the first cycle posts on here. Throw the ripper blend away, keep your var, keep your nolvadex, and get some long ester test (C or E). Set up a cycle with that.

The guy I got the stuff from, he’s a coworker of one of my friends.

Okay I can see that, but how exactly am I going to get more experience. Besides reading and researching, I personally don’t have the resources to get any of this without going through this guy, who is now MIA I havnt spoken to him in 3-4months

Lol im grateful I took the time to post this then if that’s the case.

You get more experience through research. Once you research you will realize the smart first cycle will be testosterone only. Once you do a number of testosterone only cycles and completely maxed out your gains on the simple yet highly effective cycle, you might consider adding another compound.

And as far as the guy disappearing and the availability issue: it just means you aren’t ready to start AAS until you find a reliable source.

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I’m surprised he didn’t try to pedal an AI to you as well as all that nonsense. Usually people who don’t give a shit ot about you actual health and just want to make some extra money by selling you a horrible first cycle try to sell you the works

Yeah he definitely just wanted to make money vs properly advise me on what I was getting myself into. At one point he even told me to start the ripper blend cause the pct hadn’t come in yet and I wouldn’t have to worry about it til weeks into my cycle…I was like nahhh…I’ll wait until I have everything I’m front of me. I appreciate the brutal honesty from everyone and I realize the risks are enormous that’s why I decided to post.

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