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First Cycle - Looking at Helpful Information

Hi guys
I’m 25 years old. Roughly 12% Body fat. 86kg. The last year I’ve been training hard and I’m set in a solid diet and training program. Currently running a push pull legs split twice a week.
Used diet and training to loose a lot of fat now I want to put some size on.
I’ve decided to do a cycle and want to stack two despite a lot of people suggesting only test on the first cycle.

Currently thinking
Week 1-12 Test e - 500mg a week total with two doses
Week 1-4 dbol 30mg every day split doses
Aromasin through cycle

Will take milk thistle throughout and will do ALOT more research into a solid PCT and aromasin dosage through cycle before I jump in.

However my concern is using dbol with test due to the amoritiazarion of both steroids. Is there any alternatives to d bol? Would any of you consider running winny with a test cycle ?

What makes you think you should run two compounds for a first cycle? I don’t think you are ready for one yet, but I’m not here to judge. K.I.S.S

Yeah bro that’s what I was suggesting by I will be doing alot more research before I jump in.
You need better things to do with your Christmas day

Haha yeah I know. Well then kiss and just do test

I myself am quite a few cycles into this AAS world.
You touched on one of the key reasons to do a test only cycle for your first run and you didn’t even realize it. Like you said both test and dbol aromatize, you really need to figure your AI (you stated aromasin) dosage for just X amount of test before you add in another aromatizer. It is that simple. There is no pre prescribed y amount of aromasin for x amount of test dosage out there. Even with pharmacutical aromasin and test everyone is different so we have to play with our aromasin dosage to figure out what we need for x amount of test. On top of that I assume you are using UGL compounds and even the best UGL has variation from batch to batch. Plus with you having lost fat there is a chance you will still aromatize test more than the next guy. My input with my numerous cycles and numerous friends that cycle is just do one aromatizing compound for your first few cycles and figure out your dosage.

Plus you will be blown away with what 5 times the natural level of testosterone does to your body. You will not be disappointed at all. You will like it! You will LOVE it! You will want to do it again! So let’s go at this with your long term mindset on health and getting the most out of your money when you cycle.

Seriously you might be one of those guys that a cycle just kicks off nice and hard then the last few weeks you loose steam. If that is the case you should run your oral dbol at the end to get the most out of it. In order to know weather you should run it at the beginning or end you need to run a simple test cycle and see how you react throughout the whole thing.

If you are dead set on running a stack then look at Proviron. It will help you burn a bit more fat. It will help you harden a bit. It will also help keep your gains cleaner thus you will keep more of them. It also has an “anti estrogen like effect.” It doesn’t replace an AI but it helps. On top of all of that you get a nice libido boost and it’s basically safe for everyone. I have never heard or read about someone reacting badly to it. Just about every other compound out there will cause a few guys to react badly.

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Alright thanks is off topic…why in the FUCK is there a piece of cake next to my name?

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