First Cycle Log

[quote]Cortes wrote:
thebus1984 wrote:
WEEK 6 finished
weight: 235
Squat and deadlift went up 5 pounds and bench press went up 1 rep. i had a really shitty bench day, i failed on my first set and that ruined the rest of the workout.
i need to find myself a parter!

sides remain the same minus the testicular pain
so far everything looks good. i might extend the cycle a week or 2 since i will have some extra enan

Sounds like you are making crazy gains. I hope you will post before/after pics at the end of your cycle.[/quote]

the pictures will be at my profile

[quote]FuriousGeorge wrote:
the testicular pain is your nuts shutting down…it’s common…mine sort of ache for a bit and then shrink up like rasins…i actually don’t mind having shrinkage because i find it a lot more comfortable (I have kind big floppy balls along with pretty thick thighs so having a little extra room for the boys is nice).

the only thing i don’t like about the shrinkage is what it means (no endogenous test being produced) and having to get them back kicking after the cycle is done.

Not sure if you mentioned PCT in your OP but I assume you have it figured out. If you have access to more enanthate a taper would prob be the best way to go.[/quote]

yeah, thats what i thought
the pain went away , and the nuts are smaller than usual
and yup, i will be doing a taper.

WEEK 7 Finished
weight 237
bench went up 1 rep or so, dead and squat both went up 5 lbs
i almost passed out on my last squat set, it was so damn hot!
deadlift was a bit easy, i could have added another 5-10 pounds but im happy with the weekly 5 pound increase
I tweeked my diet a little bit, im no longer eating carbs with fats, hopefully this will keep the fat gain down.

sides are the same as last weeks.

WEEK 8 Finished
weight 242
Bench and Squat up 5 lbs, Deadlift up 10 lbs

This was a horrible week for me, I got sick wednesday and had to move my training days around.
The 5 lbs gain wasnt clean at all, i feel like i gained alot of unwanted fat.

My diet looks pretty good, I RARELY cheat a meal, i eat 5.000 calories a day which shouldnt be much for someone my size.
Like I mentioned before, I no longer eat fats with carbs to help minimize fat gains.
i really dont know how it was possible for me to gain those 5 lbs while being sick. what do you guys think?
anyways, hopefully next week things will go back to normal