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First Cycle Log


It depends on what attidude you have, for me, I’d say no. There needs to be a happy medium. I clearly can’t go around feeling like absolute dogshit all the time, it affects other parameters of my life such as schoolwork, chores etc and that isn’t acceptable, however I can’t go around using 300mg/wk for the rest of my life. Could I do something like that and potentially get away with it? Sure, I could probably live to 65-70 on such a dose with the lifestyle I have, however I’m not keen on taking the risk of dropping dead at 40.

Say I run 175mg/wk, or 125mg test and 50mg mast/wk long term (I’ve been thinking about this however im not sure how risky it is to run an extra compound long term as drostanolone is a synthetic derivitave of dihydrotestosterone and therefore due to not being able natural byproduct of the body may have a higher chance of causing long term adverse affects, I’m waiting for physiolojik to possible give me advice as to how dangerous this practice would be, however many people report a nice boost in libido on drostanolone, also it likely wouldn’t interfere with blood tests as much as extra test would). Anyhow 175mg/wk would be enough for me to feel better, yet I wouldn’t have the superman esque feeling I’ve had today and/or would have on a supraphysiologic dose.

However many people don’t have the attitude I have, many people have the “you only live once so go fucking nuts” attitude, while I don’t judge people who think that way as it is a valid point, I want to accomplish something during my short time on this earth, I want to change something for the better that helps people (hopefully make advances in the treatment of individuals with androgen deficiency that will forever change the way these individuals are treated), or make change in the understanding of conditions causing chronic pain therefore opening up better treatment plans/programs for these individuals



Diet today so far

300ml of milk (the bullshit fat free kind (125 calories))

11 grams of protein

16.25 grams carbohydrates

12 grams sugar

Shake (didn’t have time for breakfast)

Calories 625

Carbs 125g

Fat 5g

Sugar 10g

Protein 25g


53 cals

13 g carbs

11 g sugar

Proteinz .8g

Large boiled skinless chicken and avocado sandwich (Probably around 400-500 calories)

1x large glass of milk (200ish cals)

1x large tub of cottage cheese (like 500 calories)

1 LARGE fish, probably 500-700 calories, didn’t get exact nutrients from it

Two ears of corn (how do I saw I had two pieces of corn, is it ears?)

A bunch of watermelon, kiwi (extra 200ish calories yeet), starting tomorrow I’ll be more detailed with regards to the amount of carbs, protein, sugar, fats and total calories I eat.

(at this time I was feeling quite sick, however I tend to eat a lot, would’ve been much more had I not felt so ill). My HR is slightly elevated today, will see how it is tomorrow.

Workout: I felt ill today therefore I didn’t exercise, probably related to the fact I might be lactose intolerant and I ate slightly… too… much… dairy. I did sprint about 400 meters unexpectedly as I had to, wasn’t for exercise. I also did a fair amount of manual labour, lifting some very, very heavy awkward objects, so I did get some exercise I guess.

Supps taken
milk thistle
fish oil
hawthorn berry (gonna run out soon too)
Beta Alanine


So my resting HR was elevated again today, this issue happened previously when I was on oxandrolone at a mere 25mg daily (don’t count that as a cycle, I wasn’t doing it for bodybuilding, I was merely experimenting like an idiot too see if low doses had a visible effect on body composition as many said anything under 100mg wouldn’t do anything and I couldn’t believe that to possibly be the case, and it isn’t, oxandrolone does seem to give a harder, more polished look to a physique, even at lower doses, however the effects it gives vs lipids going to shit isn’t worth it) so I’ve decided to stop my cycle after three days dammit. This doesn’t mean I won’t be running a cycle, the log stays as I will still embark on this cycle, however the same thing happened when I used a mere 10mg of test suspension daily, so I’m starting to think there may be a problem with the sterility of my gear, nandrolone (when used at up to 120mg weekly for joint pain) never gave me this issue, I’ve come to the conclusion the elevated heart rate (very elevated mind you) is either from sterility issues with the gear, as in my body is fighting off an infection, or I’m sensitive to nervous system stimulation caused by testosterone (it’s complicated and I don’t feel like writing about it), nandrolone is the only anabolic steroid that hasn’t caused this issue for me.

When everything is back to normal again I shall try a tiny dose of test prop, say 10mg, if I get the same issue I know it’s the sterility of the gear in question, not the compound itself), if I don’t get the same issue, i’ll have to try something else as testosterone may not agree with me, and my cardiovascular health is not something I’m willing to risk, sadly if other compounds do the same thing my bodybuilding/ blasting days have come to an end as soon as they’ve started, it’s fun, i’m passionate about it however I’m not willing to risk it all (as in die before age 50) for some extra muscle mass.

Diet today (not great, nor did I count my macros as I wasn’t happy. I was anxious about never being able to do bodybuilding on the level I want to and I otherwise just had a shitty day)

Egg and ham with bread on the top and bottom (not a sandwhich, this was in a different shape) and a gingerbread man (cookies dammit)
Tons of pasta (like, a very large bowl full)
Quite a bit of boiled chicken wings
lots of rice
1x beer, I really like the taste of this stuff, which is strange, I’ve never understood my affinity towards beer and soda water, that being said I limit myself, this was my first beer in like three weeks.
various fruits and vegetables

I did workout, and I keep a log of my diets and workouts, however I’m not on cycle anymore therefore there isn’t really a point in posting the workout as it wouldn’t be part of the log, will update again when I’ve figured out what to do.


Alright, I’ve figured out what I’m going to do. Starting at 10mg daily, going up an extra 5mg every day, the taper will allow me to find what dose I can use without encountering adverse affects, it is very possible the elevated heart rate is purely due to anxiety, if that’s the case then there isn’t really anything I can do to fix the problem other than meditation, walks etc. Today is 15mg


Meh, back up to my original dose, I took my BP when my HR was elevated, it was 95/50, that’s likely why my HR is elevated, why I get dizzy when I stand up (and why my heart rate jumps when I suddenly move sometimes), It’s related to taking an a2A receptor agonist off label for anxiety, it isn’t particularly dangerous. On a positive note, a supraphysiologic dose of test ought to raise my BP a little. Anxiety and prolonged aerobic exercise also likely accounts for some of the HR elevation I experience.

Day 1 of the official planned cycle starts today I guess so from today 70 days to go


Have you considered not treating this as a cycle, but rather finding out what dosage of test will actually give you relief? I feel like instead of blast and cruise you’re gonna have a blast and crash.

It’s incredible - I ran a branch of a pharmaceutical company for about a year, and during that time we delivered constant doses of morphine to a 14 year old girl who would call if her dose was even 15 minutes late, and people are scared to give you enough of an endogenous hormone for you to feel normal. I agree with you upping your dosage, I just think you should find your sweet spot and supplement on top of your allowed dosage, and wait several years before you try a real cycle. Funnily enough, you have more of a reason to cycle than half of the adults that come on here, but as I said - I’d like to see you feeling normal, not feeling superhuman followed by zombie.


I’m actually currently using only 30mgs of prop/day, and feel superhuman (so I’m not supraphysiologic by any means, probably right at the top of normal ranges). Given the way I feel on this dose of test prop, I don’t think I’m going to require 300mgs weekly for this cycle, 250mg/wk of test C will cut it, whether this counts as a cycle or not… I’m not sure (110mg/wk has me peak at around 500-550 and nadir at 300-350) so I’ll be around 1200ng/dl, that’s SLIGHTLY higher than what I used to naturally produce before my body turned into the pile of dysfunctional inadequateness that it is. I’m still logging it as my first cycle though, as I believe with a finally adequate amount of AAS in my system I can make very nice gains in LBM. If I injure myself (which is likely) I’ll probably use a (very low, say 50mg) dose of nandrolone again as I find it helps.

To clarify, when my natty T was high, I was able to put on ridiculous amounts of muscle mass in relatively short periods of time, I’d be happy with those accruations in muscle mass. If I feel like experimenting with anything I’ve got a few things I can use, however I don’t see the point. I remember when I started training seriously (so I must’ve been about 11-12) I put on about 20lbs in 2 months with minimal increase in BF percentage #precociouspubertalgains

Probably won’t wait several years, I intend to compete in bodybuilding competitions if I can (as in my body can take the strain), however I wouldn’t go as far as to say what I’m doing now is a full out cycle when I see guys on here running 500-1000mg/wk for their first cycle, it’s more of a “glorified cruise”

This is depressing, poor girl, I assume she was either a chronic pain or cancer patient? If she survives that’s gonna be hell on earth to stop using

EDIT: I should add throughout my life I’ve always been muscular, even when I was quite thin I always managed to hold pronounced muscular definition, my strength levels have always been far above that of my peers, especially when I was younger (going through puberty at age 9-10 gives a slight advantage with regards to speed and power, I might not have been bigger than the other guys with regards to height and stature however I was always able to overpower my peers when it came to wrestling and whatnot), even with low T I’ve managed to gain/maintain adequate muscle mass, my genetics for bodybuilding I would call above average, my insertion points with regards to my arms are a weak point though, my back is probably my most developed feature and always has been. The only time i lost a significant amount of strength, muscle mass and became what I would call “weak” is when my testosterone production was in the gutter for over a year. @flappinit


I definitely didn’t mean “you’re too young for this, you should wait”, as if you’re one of the clueless kids who show up asking for approval to destroy their body, I just meant, before you blast and cruise, let’s figure out where your actual cruise dosage is. Do you know what weekly dosage you feel best on and can sustain long term?


No, however I’d hypothesize it being around 175mgs/week, maybe 200mg if it doesn’t affect my hematocrit too much. I don’t seem to get these blizzarely high TT levels of 1000+ on 100mg / week like see so many in the TRT forum getting.

That’s not how I took it, I saw it as you advising me to find a cruise dose first, however I apologize if I sound like an asshole or arrogant kid here however I’m going to be running the 250mg weekly for the next ten weeks. Was going to be 300 but seeing how good I feel on what is riiiight around the same amount of the equiv of 250mg test cyp weekly I’ll just stick with the minimal dose that works for my goals. @flappinit

My plan is to post cycle cruise at 175mg weekly.


Interesting development, a guy came into my gym to workout, had two fat abscesses on his deltoids… Seriously, go to a doc or drain that shit, don’t go to gym like that!


Alright the elevated heart rate isn’t caused by low blood pressure, has been elevated sustained for past 2 days despite now normal BP. I think there may be a problem with the gear I’m taking with regards to sterility or I may be having an adverse reaction to whatever they mix the gear with. To test out this theory I’m going to inject 250mgs of pharm grade test E tomorrow, if I dont have any issues for the following week it’s the gear. To add to this, Im developing spots of redness and irritation around the sites I inject, PIP isn’t an issue for me, however I have a very high tolerance for pain, you’d probably have to literally stab me (in place of an injection) for me to complain about PIP. If it turns out there’s an issue with my gear I’ll need to switch sources or opt for pharma grade, which is waaaay more expensive, but still affordable.

The NPP from my source never gave me any issues with regard to injection site reaction, elevated HR or anything, however the TNE and test prop seem to cause issues. I don’t feel off or anything, no dizzyness or light headedness, I wouldn’t even notice my heart rate was elevated if I didn’t check it. The other day though I got up (hypotension related) and I was like “xkdjsajk” and fell down, used to happen a lot, now only happens sometimes


Wiped out on my way to gym, sustained an injury to my hand as I put it in front of my face upon hitting concrete to avoid serious injury, otherwise just some minor scrapes/ bruising, nothing serious, lucky I didn’t get run over though. Anyway might have trouble doing upper body for a week or two

Not happy about it


Woot, so I got my TRT dose upped to like 160mg/wk, so no need to blast anymore, just gonna use this as it should be enough to make me feel better. That being said I have some of the following

  • var
  • 1-DHEA

I’m gonna be using a little bit of var again, last time i used it I liked the way it made me look and I gained like 5lbs in like 5 weeks which was awesome. I hope physio doesn’t see this post tho because last time he told me not to use var, gonna be like 25mg for 6 weeks, gonna TRASH my cholesterol, LDL= 58439504398573489 HDL= 0.0000001, YESSSSSSSSSSS, future atherosclerosis HIGH FIVE, potentially elevated blood pressure WOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTT, if he does see this, I’m sorry, I’m not deliberately going against your advice, just fooling around a bit like an irresponsible idiot

If I gain 6lbs in the next week I’ll be pushing 170lbs relatively lean, that’s actually not that bad for someone whose 5’5 (I’m slightly over 70kg now)


Should clarify that everything on my bloods checked out except for my HCT which was 48%, however prior to TRT it was 52% and six months ago it was 51%, so it doesn’t appear to be moving much, my RBC count is exactly the same as it was 6 months ago, like LITERALLY it didn’t move 0.1. Due to the test shortage in Aus, I’m gonna probs gonna have to go UGL for the timebeing, probs gonna do 125mg e5d


@banjoplayer I’m continuing here because it’s not my place to give advice on a thread that is based on asking physiolojik questions. If you think you have thyroid, liver or adrenal issues it’d be in your best interest to… Get labs of the parameters in question that you believe to be causing your troubles. Re-assess from there.

I’m not a medical professional, therefore take my advice with a grain of salt, how’s your metabolism, body fat percentage, energy levels, resting heart rate etc. Do you have any symptoms of thyroid dysfunction?

As to leaky gut, it’s not a properly recognised medical condition, it may very well be real, however i’d be skeptical until an adequate body of scientific evidence comes through. I’m a man of science… and anecdotal evidence, currently there isn’t any science to back up said claims, therefore I remain veeerrry skeptical


I’ve had labs done bro.
Mid level T3 high RT3 - am currently on T3 meds 30mcg per day.
Yep Leaky Gut isn’t medically proven apparently but I tick a lot of the boxes on that front.
Here in the UK the personnel are pretty poor. I could barely move out of the chair with free T out of range low and was told to leave it by my doc.
My local endo laughed (Serious!) when he saw my SHBG at 95 and said he’d never seen that in a man before and only in women on the pill.
For ref i’m 6ft5 225lbs 18% Fat


So I went on a hike today and pussied out like 2 miles in. My ankles (esp the one with screws in) and my lower back hurt really, really, really badly. Sucks when you think you’re all better and at the strangest of times pain just comes back full force :(. My chest pain also seems to have made a comeback over the past 2-3 weeks, partly anxiety partly costochondral cartilage irritation

Whatever though, there isn’t anything I can really do about it besides take painkillers or nand, to which I don’t want to particularly do either of them, took a shot of NPP 14 days ago when I hurt my wrist, didn’t follow up with more though, I decided I didn’t need it, although… I’d probably be better off with it in the short term lol


Well I didn’t keep a log, because what I was doing kept changing and a bunch of shit got in the way, however I’ve still been training hard and eating nicely, over the past couple of weeks I think I’ve made tremendous progress, I think I might respond well to AAS. Anyhow I’ll post this progress pic so anyone can judge. The lighting sucks, everything’s blurred again but it’s a valid comparison, I appear to be holding quite a bit of water, however I feel great.

Using 250mg of test/wk and have been for like the past 4 ish weeks.

On a sidenote I haven’t been super responsible lately, need to cut back on my irresponsibility. Nothing major however I got mildly intoxicated on one occasion recently and that’s not something I normally do, nor is it acceptable behaviour when I look at my current lifestyle. I take AAS, the potential long term health issues are def there, I don’t need to further increase the chances of me running into issues later in life. Besides that my diet is very high in calories, however it’s currently quite low carb, I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly healthy diet, I don’t eat junk food frequently, however most days I’ll have one bad thing like a single cookie or something. However today my diet was atrocious, I ate at fast food takeout place! My libido is through the roof, I’m happy, horny and full of life again. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Post cycle I’m going to cruise on 175-200mg/wk for a while, next time I think about another experiment like this will be when I intend to compete in my first competition which will still be a while away

I’ll probs post a back shot and a leg shot eventually, then again when I stop using this dose of test

On a sidenote I’m getting lots of awkward compliments and comments on my stature as I’ve bulked up significantly over the past 8 months, I went from (at my worst most atrophied state 59kg, from which I was about 66kg when I was 14 (so that was almost 4 years ago), to now 73kg, so it’s def a noticeable difference). Attention from females has increased quite a bit too, which I didn’t expect at all. Not that I didn’t get attention from the opposite sex previously


The pose makes it hard to tell with regard to your progress but those numbers speak for themselves! Nice job, that’s a lot of quality weight to put on. Keep up the good work!


I put on 3kg in the past 4 weeks (started at 70kg) there’s no chance it’s all muscle, to clarify I was 59kg when I started TRT, I bulked up to around 70kg on the TRT alone (and I hesitate to say TRT because my levels were taken from like 200 to 400-500ng/DL. My before photo was actually taken about two months before I made this thread, was about 67kg in that before photo. Just wanted to clarify in case it seemed as if I just started using higher doses of anabolic steroids at 59kg.

Should also clarify I’m super short, 5’4-5’5

Fuck I meant, super tall 5.4-5.5 METERS tall, that’s right. And I weigh 730 KG at 15 percent body fat ish