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First Cycle Log

Exactly what the title implies, I am stepping into the forbidden territory. This is the thread where I semi incriminatingly detail my course of drug abuse (testosterone). During my cycle I am going to pretentiously and irritatingly log all my workouts, diet, progress etc DAILY. I haven’t decided exactly what dose or how long my cycle will be, it depends on how my bloods show up but my cycle should commence in about 3 weeks. My options are

250mg test/wk (I think I’ve decided against this one) for 10 wks

350mg test/wk for 10 wks

300mg test/wk for 12 wks

(test C)

350mg test prop/wk for 8 wks

Or TNE 300mg /wk for 6 wks, depends on how much time I have.

If anyone wants to chime in be my guest, however I’m likely going to be making the decision based on my own judgement.


Ai? Nope

Serm? Nope


Age: 34854234352617

Height: 166cm (taller than everyone else)

Bench 1RM: I don’t bench (usually) however if I do I can go fairly heavy if I want to show off, but the resulting pain isn’t worth it

Deadlift 1RM: No idea, but I do deadlift


Leg press: I can do like 200kg for twelve reps, it isn’t heavy and leg press doesn’t mean anything anyway however I’m putting it there.

Weight: 70kg

BF percentage: about 15%

Resting pulse: 65-70

Blood pressure: On the lower side

Sense of wellbeing: bitter and pissed off as always, but not sad or depressed

Support supps: I take these regardless of whether I’m on or off anything



Milk thistle (because why not)

Hawthorn Berry

Fish oil

Tumeric (curcumin)

If I ever feel like simulating menopause I take niacin #hotflush

I drink a lot of green tea because it has numerous health benefits that have been semi backed up by legitimate scientific research

Before I start I’ll get this right out of the way, I’m aware I’m not very big, I could progress naturally for a while longer, what I am doing is irresponsible, however I wish to compete in bodybuilding (and even If I didn’t wish to compete I probably would have still done something like this), I’m very well aware of the potential risks associated with my decision, myocardial dysfunction is the one that scares me the most, however I am willing to take the risk as I personally don’t believe the risks are very high, I believe when used responsibly these drugs can be very rewarding with minimal negative impact on one’s longevity (that’s not to say I don’t think cycling will take a few years off my life, I believe I am shortening my lifespan by 5-7 years, however if it is to achieve a dream I’ve had since I was very young and it is what makes me happy I can live with that)

Diet: Not the best, I fall victim to baklava and cookies sometimes, I need to fix that. I also eat a lot of take out tofu, salmon, and sushi.

I employ bodybuilding style workouts 5-6 times per week, however I also cycle to and from gym (unless I decide to use my homegym) and I go for a jog just about daily, sometimes I go on hikes. To me aerobic fitness is very important, I believe keeping up cardiovascular fitness reduces the risk of long term side effects from AAS and bodybuilding in general with regards to excessive concentric thickening of the Left Ventricle. It also helps boost blood circulation.

Pictures: I’m not very big, nor is my physique impressive however for someone in my circumstances I believe I’ve done fairly well… here goes

Profile pic up close:



Legs (lagging)

I was going to post a picture of just one leg because I thought it’d be funny but then I realised I can do that with one arm instead with equal comedic effect as a picture of a single arm or leg isn’t really helpful at all

ONE arm:

On a final note I will not respond to rude or derogatory comments without merit.

I’d’ve put a more detailed introduction in however I’ve been working very hard recently and my energy resources have dried up. The excess blur in photos is because I’m paranoid and don’t want anyone to possibly pick up on anything that could reveal my identity

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Good luck man! You aren’t just a normal young kid jumping into gear. You have a vast knowledge and know the risk/rewards. And like you said your situation is different than most due to your history. Again wish you the best of luck!

I’d suggest having an AI on hand. You never know how your body is going to react to test, even at a lower dosage. I myself dont see signs until about 500mg per week, where as I have a client who needs an AI at his trt dose of 100mg per week. Just good to have on hand in case you need. The cycles above all look good for a first run, although I’d go longer than 8 weeks if you decide to run prop or TNE. I’m assuming you have a plan in place for PCT? Good luck friend! I’ll be watching along, enjoy the first timer gains! There’s nothing like em.

I’m on trt, therefore PCT isn’t required, I do have anastrazole from when it was prescribed to me however I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt I’ll need to use it

I promise no Master Baiter jokes. But I will be watching and hoping for your success.

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Hey mate, how’s things been going health wise, Any light at the end of the tunnel? @getcutgetbutt

Thanks mate, I’m hoping for a 7-10lb gain, I’d be very happy with that. When you say you have clients are you a personal trainer, physician, coach? I’ll probably be bulking on a heavy caloric surplus, I have my eyes on a specific bodybuilding competition next year. I intend to compete and get as far up as I can before retiring from bodybuilding at say, thirty years of age. I don’t particularly want to end up like the numerous bodybuilders who have died pre mature deaths from primarily heart disease, that being said most of them are ridiculously heavy, which im sure plays a role as well as drug induced cardiotoxicity.

I am a personal trainer as well as an online coach, I have a lot more online clients though. I feel you man, I dont want to get ifbb bodybuilder heavy either. Not exactly good for us lol

@unreal24278 Been doing pretty stinking good lately. Nice for a change lol. Thanks for asking.

@physioLojik I’ve been having a small problem I’d like some input with. Recently I’ve been very lethargic, tired all the time, I’ve always been a heavy sleeper however the past two weeks have kicked it up a notch, this problem has become apparent ever since I’ve lowered my testosterone dosage to prepare for bloods. My libido is ok(ish), it’s lower than what it was a few weeks ago, however the amount of energy I have in general has really declined. I’m wondering if it’s likely the reason for my energy decline is due to sub-par testosterone levels (say 3-450ng/DL) or whether its something else, my thyroid status was fine last time I got it checked with the exception of free T4 which was barely in range, however I don’t have any classic symptoms of hypothyroidism. I had the exact same issue when I had low T, also when I was in severe pain

How’s the move going?


If you have time, what do you think of this study. This one scares me as it actually has legitimate evidence with little bias.

Lethargy is certainly a sign of low t. I dont notice it unless mine is much lower than 3-400, but everyone is different. That can most definitely be the cause of your recent lethargy

Alright cycles gonna be 300mg/week for 10 weeks, original plan was 350mg for 10 weeks, then i changed my mind and thought 250mg for ten weeks, now it’s 300mg for 10 weeks. However before I commence said cycle, after my next bloods I’m adding an extra 50mg/week to my trt dose as I don’t feel good at all and I’m curious as to whether it’s related to my trt dose. Cycle commences relatively soon though, get ready for a painstakingly detailed log about everything I eat, every exercise I do! I’m sure to piss a lot of people off posting every day in here XD. Progress pictures may be included, or not…

If your going to do s detailed log, progress pictures are a must!

Yesterday I managed to mildly injure myself, therefore for the next few days I’m limiting myself to mild cardio, lots of stretching and rest… I’ve learnt my lesson previously when training through injuries, it isn’t worth it

What kind of injury?

just a strain, should be back to normal in 5-7 days.

yeet, so I’m back in the gym, due to the fact I haven’t been feeling so great for the past few weeks with regards to energy, libido etc I decided to pin myself with 80mgs of test P (this is unrelated to the cycle), to see if a change in testosterone levels would make a difference or whether it was some other variable causing my sedation. This was my first time having ever introduced what I would call a supraphysiological dose of testosterone to my body, Anyhow about six-eight hours post shot I feel… amazing, there isn’t a change in libido yet I feel more clear headed, focused on whatever I decide to do. Whether this is due to increased testosterone levels or simply the fact that said levels are supraphysiologic I don’t know, I’d lean toward the latter.

I don’t feel the need to sleep all the time, I’m really looking forward to my cycle now!

That’s awesome. I’m reallly looking forward to reading about your cycle because a lot of our symptoms over lap. While I have to be careful with balancing T and cortisol, I still feel way low on T and think adding more would help a lot. I have the opportunity to up it some more under doctor supervision. So I’m obviously hoping you feel great adding more test. I’m sure you are too tho lol.

With regards to your symptoms, last time I got my cortisol checked in the morning it was RIGHT at the top of the referance range, so… the absolute opposite of you, elevated cortisol is likely related to anxiety. As to adding more, yes I do hope to feel better with regards to libido, energy and what-not. Obviously I’m not going to stay on 300mg/wk, however post cycle I intend to cruise on a marginally higher dose than what I’ve been taking before said cycle.

Fuck it, cycle starts today. It was going to start when I saw my bloods to make sure everything is in check but I felt so much better today. Until I know for sure everything’s in check im running 40mg TP/day, this equates to 280mg TP/WK which equates to (roughly) about 308mg of TC/wk, after I’m sure everything’s fine health wise it’s gonna be 300mg TC/WK for the rest of the 10 weeks planned for said cycle. If I don’t have ten weeks to ‘fool around’ I’ll stay with TP or TNE for a shorter period of time, still equiv to roughly 300mgs/wk of TC.

So in that retrospect heres my first day

Legs (in order)
Leg extension 2x20
Hack squat 3x12
Leg press 3x12,10,8
Stuff legged deadlift 3x10
Standing calf raise 3x35 (drop sets, I start with a certain weight until failure, then lower weight, repeat etc, totals around 35-40 reps/set)
Donkey calf raise 3x8
Seated dumbbell calf raises 2x12

cardio for 15 minutes (not giving away machines I use, too paranoid)

Diet: not great today
So far I’ve eaten
1x pack of yoghurt
1x chicken with cheese and bacon and French fries (a lot of calories were consumed on this particular meal)
1x salad (onion, lettuce, tomato, carrot and some other veg-e-table, cucumber I think)
5 eggs (sunny side oop)
1x cup of green tea
2x beef chops
2 cups of rice
1/5th of an orange
1 bowl of pea soup

Days not over I’m logging all my food so there will be an update (or as they say in Canada “updoot”

If anything shows up bad on my bloods such as high RBC/hematocrit/heamoglobin I’m going to abruptly stop the supraphysiologic doses.

Supplements taken today have been (not giving specific doses due to paranoia)

Niacin (Yeet hot flushes #raisehdl #hdlmatters)
Hawthorn berry
Milk thistle
Fish oil
Beta alanine

I just meant I have all the low T symptoms you are experiencing. Low libito, horribly low energy, no motivation to do stuff, brain fog, all that good stuff. Hypothetically, if you felt really good running 300mg/week and then horrible again running your TRT dose, would it be worth the risk to you to run the more test for longer to continue to feel good and live life?