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First Cycle Log


Well, after searching for a local domestic, and failing I took the plunge and risked ordering from an online lab. I bought and received 30ml of Test E, Armidex, and Clomid.

I plan on 12 weeks of 500mg Test E pinned on Mondays and Thursdays.
Adex at .25 EOD for 14 weeks
Then Clomid starting at week 14 at 50mg x2 ED for week 14, then 15-17 25mg a day.

I will say that the Test E is Geneza brand, so I feel like my chances of success may be low, and should know by about week 4. If I dont gain, oh well, I will continue my search in the mean time.

My stats are:
27 years old
Lifting/fitness for about 5 years. I say that, because now, I do a lot more functional fitness than body building.
Bench: 285
Squat: 315
Deadlift: 385
C&J: 205
Snatch: 185
Press: 145

My goal here is recovery. I am training multiple times a day and am really beginning to feel it. I will be eating strict zone. Will be doing 5 blocks starting out, and if I can eat more, I will move up to 5.

An example of a 4 block day:
Steak and Eggs
3 oz steak, grilled
1 egg, over easy
1 slice bread with 1 1/3 tsp butter
1/2 cantaloupe

4 1/2 oz deli meat
1 oz cheese
Serve with:
1 apple
1 grapefruit
4 macadamia nuts

4oz meat
2 apples
12 cashews

4 oz chicken, grilled
2 cups lettuce
1/4 tomato, chopped
1/4 cucumber, chopped
1/4 green pepper, chopped
1/2 cup black beans
1/4 cup kidney beans
~2 Tbs salad dressing of choice

2 scoops Casien
2 apples
2 tbs peanut butter

Like I said, if I can, I will eat more. Im hoping that my appetite will increase because of the cycle. Its just hard to eat like a horse when you are working out 2-3x a day.

Let me know your thoughts.


Good to see you’re starting out simple. You’ll love the quick recovery that comes with being on test lol and then you’ll realize how much it sucks to be off.

BCAA’s also for recovery. Some say they aren’t worth the cost, but I swear I notice a difference when I stop taking them.

Diet looks alright. I’m too lazy to add up the macros, but if you aren’t counting macros already I suggest you start. Its the best way for accurately keeping track and adjusting meal plans. After all life won’t always let you follow that specific meal plan.


I have aminox right now, consumed during/after my workouts along with 5g creatine. I also take optimum bcaas twice a day, then ZMA at night.

As for macros, I am consuming around 190-220g carbs, 150-175g protein, and 30-40g fat.

I did my first pin yesterday in my quad. This morning had to retest my front squat. I couldnt even get up to my previous 1RM because my quad was so sore. I then proceeded with 40 handstand pushups, 50 back extensions, and 200 double unders. Any time I had to break I went and knocked out 5 front squats at 135. I ended up knocking out about 60 front squats. I know this type of workout isnt something this forum is accustomed to.

I am going to try and massage out the quad to see if that reduces the soreness.


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