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First Cycle Log

This site is awesome. I’ve been reading it for over 18 months without registering and have read all the stickies. Though I can’t promise everything got through my thick skull, I have learned a ton already.

I’m 41 years old, lifting for 14 years, just over 6’3 tall, up from skinny-fat 190 lbs to a husky-muscle 267 lbs (21% bf). Yes, I know ideally I’d be much leaner before going on cycle, but now is the time I’ve got three solid months to dedicate to it, and frankly I prefer a thick powerlifter look (call me a freak).

My gains were pretty limited in my late 30s due to low test. It was a relief when it finally fell out of normal range and I could get a doctor to do something about it. Cream did nothing, so I’ve been self-injecting for 18 months, 200 mg/1 x wk test-e for the first year and switched to 200 mg test-cyp due to doctor preference six months ago. I’ve noticed no difference between the two but my well-being and physique have vastly improved since I started TRT.

Here’s my cycle:
W 1-3 Sustanon 250mg E3D
W 3-10 Test Enth 250mg E3D
W 11-indefinite back to TRT Test Cyp 200mg/wk
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)

Nolva on hand, just in case. I’ve also got a bunch of Proviron if that’s useful.

I had planned a test-e only cycle initially, but my trainer suggested kickstarting with the Sustanon with the fast-acting test prop since I had a few weeks worth on hand.

I lift heavy 4x/wk, twice with a trainer, and cardio 3x week.

I’m keeping a food log and shooting for 600g protein daily which is damn near impossible, but I’m consistently over 400g daily. My appetite is off the hook which helps. The bf percentage doesn’t lie; I eat all kinds of meat, lean or not, veggies and mostly brown rice, but if I’m starving and want a couple of burgers I don’t stress over it since leanness has never been my goal. I never eat fried or snack foods though, that stuff is gross. Ideally I’d like to add 20 reasonably clean lbs since it’s my first cycle though my trainer suggests 12-15 is more realistic.

Any suggestions from the many guys on here with a lot more experience and knowledge? I’ll post back here once a week with results. After seeing how well my body has responded to TRT, I’m eager to see what a simple cycle can do. I held myself back for 18 months to see where the TRT took me and I believe the time to do this is now.