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First Cycle Log

Decided to log my first cycle. Stats and Substances as follows:
29yrs old / 5’9" / 180lbs / ~15%bf / training 6yrs+
Weeks 1-8 100mg Test Prop EOD
PCT Nolva
Arimidex as needed. (probably .25 EOD, starting week 2 or 3)
Will be using Wendler’s 5/3/1 BBB template (with extra volume if/when I feel recovery can handle it)
Goal = BULK

First injection was on Wednesday (Glute). Don’t really like needles and it was the first time injecting myself so I got a little light headed. No pain, all went well.
Today was injection #2 (Delt). Very easy injection. About an hour later started feeling weird (don’t know how else to describe it) and then very lethargic for most of the morning. Maybe its just my body adjusting to the test? Feeling good as of 3:45pm however.
This was a deload week so Monday I will include a more detailed write up of my training etc. Feel free to ask questions and make comments.

Any reason for the rather uninspiring amount of test per week? I’d suggest around 150mg/EOD (if you’re going to shoot EOD).

I like these threads. Do you plan on including poundage increases for major lifts?

Cortes- I don’t really want to run anymore than 100mg EOD. I just want to run a cycle that I feel I can control in regards to side effects but still make solid gains. A good friend of mine just finished a cycle at the same amount and went from 212lbs to 232lbs over 7 weeks. After PCT he is now down to 226lbs which to me looks like a successful cycle.

SealClubber- I will be including lifting info in later updates.

If you want to control sides, then use the proper ancillaries. What sides are you worried about that the arimidex you have on hand is not going to be enough to handle?

Also: You are not your friend, and there is no reason to believe you should experience the same results.

I know I probably sound like a wet blanket to you, but your cycle sounds kind of lame to me. Low dosages, short duration. I’d love for you to prove me wrong, but honestly, you’ve been registered with this site for two years now. You should know that 350mg/w is not the typical dosage noted for adding massive amounts of lean muscle in under 2 months. Friends with fantastic results aside.

Cortes - Thanks for sharing your opinion, that’s what forums are for. I’m sure my cycle sounds lame and that’s fine. The good thing about the cycle is that I can up the dosage if need be as well as extend the cycle. Nothing is set in stone. Right now I would like to see if I can get what I perceive to be good results at this lower dosage. If not then I can always bump if up to 150 or more. Thanks again for your input.

Thanks for your civil reply. It’s much better than the majority of hypersensitive ninnies we get around here so often. I really do wish you the best on your first cycle. Good luck. And I’m happy to help if you have any questions while on. I have been there and I do understand that starting that first cycle really is like standing on a cliff and readying yourself for a dive into the murky waters below. It’s also exactly because I have been there that I genuinely do want you to have as terrific an experience as I did. If you are interested, and I may be so arrogant, you are welcome to read my own experience below.

Cortes - Thanks for the link!

Today (sunday) was my 3rd injection (Right Glute). Nothing much of interest. New block of training begins tomorrow. Can’t wait for that, deload week was boring as hell.
If anybody reading this has issues with needles and it’s keeping them from running a cycle I’m here to tell you it’s not that big of a deal. I fucking hate needles but after the first time it really gets easier. You just have to man up and breath.

On an of topic note, if you haven’t gone to see “The Hangover” yet, go see that shit! One of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. You will not be disappointed.

Today (Monday) was my first day of training since I started my cycle. I am following Wendler’s BBB template. This is my second block of BBB. I have decided to switch my Military and Bench days because I was struggling with bench on the last block and would rather have the lighter lift (in comparison) later in the week.

My lifting days are as follows- Monday: Bench / Tuesday: Deadlift / Thursday: Military / Friday: Squat
The last time I maxed on Bench was about February. I did 255lbs for a single (Close-grip). Not having a true max last month I started at 225 and figured I would work up from there. Those weights felt a little heavy however so I decided to go 10lbs lower for this block and started at 215lbs.

Here is today’s session-
Bench - 140 x 5 / 160 x 5 / 180 x 11
Bench - 5 x 10 @ 155,145,140,135,135 (superset w/) DB Row 5 x 10 @ 60lbs (which was light)
60 seconds between sets.
Incline treadmill sprints 12 degree incline, 11mph, 10 second sprint / 30 second rest.
Did a bunch, don’t remember a number and don’t really keep track. Just do something to make my heart work.

That is it. Real boring, but hopefully big. I will add in some accessory work later when/if recovery allows it.