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First Cycle Log with Pictures

Hello this will be my first aas cycle so I decided to document it here. Beginning stats: 27y/o training on and off for 7 years. 6"0 208lbs. Cycle : 1-12 test c 600mg /week. 1-4 superdrol 20mg day. I have arimidex on hand In case of Issues. PCT: hcg 500mg wk 2-12. Nolvadex 40mg day 14-18. I’m looking to pack on 10-15lbs while loosing a little body fat as well! I will be updating once weekly. witb<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/tnation/uploads/default/original/3X/9/d/9d79f3adfd394e061b7c1cd1b868a719b44c297a.jpeg" width=“375” height="500

Did my first pin today, time to hit back. will anyone be following?

Sure. You have some issues with your cycle though, and you should get those sorted out pronto.

Mind giving me some pointers?

Drop the Superdrol, use the Adex.

Read the sticky on first cycles, it will explain it all. And the one on PCT - not sure about running 40mg of nolva for the full pct, think it might need to be extended a bit. It’s in the stickies,and, I’m not an expert - just read a lot of posts about it here.


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I will be following so don’t disappear. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Not sure if you need an oral for your first cycle. But Im sure you have your reasons.

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looks good to me. only things I’d personally do different are:

  • I’d extend the hcg right up to pct or start a week or two later with it.
    -I’d run the arimidex the entire cycle at a low dose and up it if you need it.
    -I’d block my face out of the pics.
    good luck with it! excited to see the progress and experience.
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Oh I am in!!!

Love logs especially enhanced ones.

Hit chest today , I got sick the last two days so my weight is actually down 1-2lb sitting at 206. Strength is up, most likely from the SD

Hit shoulders today. Weight is at 210

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Weight has stalled at 212, time to up my calories! Not worried as strength is through the roof and test hasn’t really kicked in yet. Incline bench has gone from 225x5 to 255x5 already !

just some advice coming from a pahrmacist back ground

use the armidix every other day at quarter a tab up untill starting your pct.

stop hcg with your last pin dont use it during or up to your pct point

for pct run the nolva at 40 mg a day for 1 week then drop to 20 mg a day for 3 weeks suggest u add clomid and run that with the nolva at 75mg a day for a week then 50mg daily for 3 weeks