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First Cycle Log Test E

Hello guys, ill be documenting my first cycle here. To start, here are my stats: 5’10 184lbs 12-15% BF, 25 yrs old.

My Cycle Layout
Weeks 1-12
Test 500 mg / wk pinned Monday/Thursday
HCG 500mg / wk pinned Monday Thursday
Arimidex to start: .25 mg Tuesday/Friday morning, adjust as needed

PCT: Clomid 50/50/25/25

Day 1 - 1/24/19
Got all my stuff today so today was my first pin. About an hour ago I pinned the test in my right glute, was quick and easy, a little bit nerve racking though. Im not afraid of needles at all, it was just the fear of getting everything right, and knowing theres no going back. Right after, I made my HCG, pinned it with a slin needle in my stomach then refrigerated the HCG. In terms of PIP, theres a little bit of soreness in my glute but nothing major, also a little bit of tenderness on my stomach. Suprisingly, i feel like the HCG shot hurt more than the test, but thats probably because i used a 27 G needle, I know most people use 29s. Ill be training Legs shortly after writing this, if theres anything noteworthy ill have to add tonight then i will, but i dont expect much.

Before pics? To compare to end cycle pics

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That’s being optimistic. I don’t usually feel any stronger for a month.

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Im aware man, i was thinking anything noteworthy like delayed PIP or something like that haha, I know that i wont see much body comp/strength gains until weeks 4-6

Took .25 mg arimidex this morning.

So I have a few updates. My workouts in the gym have been great, I haven’t felt this great in the gym in ages, but I attribute that to recently starting a new program and placebo. Also, my sexual performance has been a lot better than usual today and last night when I was with my gf, this again, is for sure placebo, but it makes me excited to see how I will feel once the test actually kicks in. I’m excited to pin again on Monday

3rd pin yesterday, workout was decent, although that day I seemed very emotional and moody. I took .25 arimidex this morning. I might attribute my feelings yesterday to the lack of sleep I got, only around 5 hours. However it could be due to the half life of Arimidex and the fact that I’m taking it 2x a week. I will run it at the same dose next week, and if I get the same moodiness I will probably then start doing .25 mg arimidex Mon/Wed/Fri. No other E2 symptoms though, no significant water retention, libido even seems improved.

Don’t add more arimidex without some serious symptoms. Being moody isn’t enough. Higher e2 is much better than lower e2. If you start adjusting for what you think is high e2 and you end up getting too low you’ll still feel lousy and you’ll be hindering your gains.

For sure, once the test builds up in my system more I might need more AI, I’m not sure when that will be though. Plus I’m on HCG which aromatises. I’m all for minimal AI use regardless. My biggest fear with messing with E2 is libido/erections

Well you can take a truckload of AI and it won’t stop the aromatization that’s caused by hCg. That happens intratesticularly, so arimidex won’t do a thing for it. Just a heads up.


Oh thanks for the info man, I think I’ve heard that before but didn’t fullt grasp the concept. Yeah I’ll definitely be very cautious in adjusting my AI.

I think I will ditch the HCG until maybe around week 4… I’m prone to acne and I heard HCG can cause some nasty acne. I haven’t experienced any yet, but HCG is more important later in the cycle anyways. If I start getting bad acne, I’ll probably ditch the HCG all together

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It’s 3 days after my third pin, and I’d just like to say that I’ve felt great, sex drive has been great, same with mood. However next week I will be dropping the HCG and implementing it in the 4th week. My total E2 will be reduced because of this, so I’m not sure if i should still take my .25mg arimidex after each pin. I think I will though, and if i feel like shit I’ll drop the arimidex and add it as needed later on.

4th pin today, no hcg. About to hit legs and I’m feeling solid. However, last night i was feeling very tired at 10 pm, then I woke up at 1 am and experienced vomiting and diarrhea which I believe was just food poisoning. I went to the docs, and they checked my blood, all is good but they told me I had really thick blood, I know this can be a side of test usage, but is it possible that only after 3 pins i already have thick blood?

This morning took .125 arimidex since I stopped HCG, I felt tired today so I took a 3 hour nap, upper body workout today started out not feeling great, but surprisingly I managed to complete all my sets and reps. Now after my workout I am feeling amazing… at 11pm

I’m probably getting overly paranoid, but I feel like my libido and erection quality has been off. Girlfriend comes over tomorrow so I’ll know for sure. Since I only took .125 mg arimidex after Monday’s pin I feel it could only be high E2 if anything, but then again I stopped HCG so it’s hard to say. I have no other signs of that though, my well being is good it’s just that there was a decline in libido. 5th pin today went smooth. Tonight I took .25 mg arimidex, hopefully will have good libido tomorrow

You’ve got very similar stats to mine, curious to see how your cycle goes. I started mine 13 January so only a bit before you. Will keep an eye at your progress!

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Nice man. How’s your progress going so far?

I think i may have told you this already but il say it again. Youl drive yourself crazy without blood work. Youl end up overdosing the AI thinking the signs are high e when really it’s your e crashing.

Tomorrow marks end of Week 4. I’m up 14lbs, although I was on 30mg DBol for 3 weeks until dropping it due to high blood pressure. Feeling a little shittier the past couple of days, but nothing unbearable. Hoping the Test really starts to kick in next week or two.
Doing my labs in 1 week to see where Test and E2 levels are. Should help dial things in, as I’m contemplating dropping my Aromasin either a bit, or entirely now that i removed DBol.

I’d guess a majority of what you’re feeling is mostly just paranoia. I had similar during my first cycle. See how you feel around Week 5 when you start to hit your peak.