FIRST CYCLE LOG (Few Question Before Start)

Well, Hi everybody

Age: 21 in june
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 180lbs
BF%: Around 12-14 (see picture to better estimation)
Experience: 2 years since day 1 at gym (may 2011)
Steroids experience: None
Goal: Build some size and strength (sports porpuse, not competive bodybuilding)
Current routine: 4 days split

I replace enanthate for sustanon and 10 mg of tamoxifeno daily since week 2.

Weeks 1-8: 500mg Sustanon WEEKLY (monday/thursday 250 each)

Weeks 2-8: 10 mg of Tamoxifeno DAILY (since week 2)

PCT: Clomid therapy three weeks after last shot:

Day 1 - 300mg
Day 2-11 - 100mg/day
Day 12-21 - 50mg/day

What are your thoughts on this guys? What would you do different? Expectations? Any help is appreciated, I plan to start in june/july.