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First Cycle Log at 18

Hey boys! I am starting my first cycle today of 250mg 2x per week, frontloading with 500mg x2 for the first week, for 10-12 weeks. I have arimidex as needed, and I am beginning PCT 2 weeks from the last shot. My pct is clomid/nolva at 50/25/25/25 and 40/20/20/20 respectively.

I am 6’5, and 270 pounds at around 18% body fat.

I am just going to get this out of the way now, I am 18. Some of you may try to sway me from doing this, and while I respect all of your opinions, my mind is made up. I want to gain muscle, strength, and possibly lose a few % fat before college ball starts in the fall. I am fully aware that my test levels may never fully recover, and all of the other risks associated with pinning. I have done my research!! I am simply starting a thread to keep track of my progress, and my sick gainz. Let me know what you guys think!

Stats - bench: 290 squat: 420 dead: 450

First pin using 23g needles to draw and inject. Drawing took forever, although with such a small needle I expected this. I put it in the top right quadrant of my right glute and didn’t feel anything, except the sensation of a pointy 1.5 inch metal stick in my muscle… I made sure to pull back on the plunger to make sure I didn’t hit a blood vessel, and everything else went smoothly.

Have at it.

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In the process!

You didn’t say what you were pinning…
I will assume it is testosterone cypionate or enanthate. So you start now the beginning of March and 12 weeks have you pinning until late May. Now I am not up on all the testing requirements but I believe those AAS tests WADA uses can detect cyp or enanthate for up to 3-4 months post use. That time frame puts you possibly being able to fail a test at the beginning of next school year. (I hope there isn’t any spring or summer training or any kind of registering for your sport) Again I do not know about the college AAS tests or regulations but you might want to double check when they can start testing you. (Chances are if your dumb enough to do a cycle at 18 then you didn’t get into anything more significant than a junior college and it’s not like they test their athletes…oh wait they do!)

One last thing you said arimidex as needed. That statement alone shows you need to read more. “As needed”? So you are going to wait and see if you grow tits THEN try to get a hold of the situation and correct it…maybe it’s just me being a cautious old war vet but I don’t risk something I can avoid with proper management and the intelligent application of knowledge.

Since you obviously know your shit and have everything lined out I have a feeling you are going to blow up like, well, like you are on steroids. I predict around week six you are going to be about 20 lbs heavier and your going to panic that you are too big too fast and everyone will know. Then you will stop eating properly and pull back on the gym intensity. Then you will PCT and totally slack in the gym so you don’t get “too big.” Don’t worry once you piss out 20 lbs of water from all that E2 you will still be about your beginning weight but less muscle and higher fat.

Seriously? Fucking doing a cycle and you know you will be tested…thank goodness you know your shit and it won’t backfire on you in any way.

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he’ll feel his nips start to itch a bit and over-reacts with his AI (that he has ‘just in case’) and crash his E. What are the odds he doesn’t get another erection for a year?


This is just eating at me.

You obviously knew your age would get you shit on this site. You don’t want input. You just wanted to make a log. SO WHY IN THE FUCK did you include your actual age???
I remember being a dumbass at your age and this was when the internet was only dial up in my dorm room. I would like to think if I was dumb enough to put my business out there like you did then I would have at least had the foresight to LIE about my age. Seriously why did you just set yourself up like that? Please rethink you general decision making process. You knew your age would get you shit on here and your the generation that knows how much BS is out there so why not just lie?
My generation had to go through that period of “it has to be true it was on the INTERNET.”

I know this seems harsh but come on. Didn’t you ever get in trouble for putting something dumb on social media and your parents found out? You don’t know to hide your true self online if what you are doing is in any questionable?

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Hey bro!! Thanks for the input. I’m going d1, the college I go to doesn’t test. Sorry for not clarifying, I’m running test e as recommended for a first cycle. And I’m running .25 arim eod from day 1. Thanks for the input, I’m definitely taking what you said into consideration, but I don’t want to lie about my age.

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I meant as needed for the arimidex as in I would adjust the dosage, my fault!!

All D1 schools are subject to testing at the direction of the NCAA. The good news is that the NCAA is such a corrupt organization that your chances of ever getting caught are close to zero. But still, don’t think that testing is impossible. Your school is not required to establish its own testing protocols, but it is absolutely still subject to the NCAA and its testing policies.

Nailed it on the head. Our school usually tests the kickers and not the lineman or people suspected of juicing. Man I love corruption!! They make it so easy to avoid getting tested. More than half my team juices.

Really you are not getting what I was hinting at.

Go look up “operation gear grinder” not the game the DEA sting. They searched sites like this and targeted people.
Why are you putting this crap out there for anyone to see? This isn’t even the place for cycle logs.

If you notice every few years they decide to demonize AAS and PEDs. They go look for easy targets to hold up as examples. You have identified your age and that you are going to a D1 school in the fall as a football player. Granted it’s a slim chance that they would target you but if they have to make quotas (and all government employees do, especially enforcement officers) and they need some easy cheap wins to fluff their logs you have just made it easier to find you. Stop adding distinguishing characteristics that can be used to demonize AAS. We all know sports doping is rampant and we know you basically have to do it to be competitive but your thread can be held up as explicit cheating at a naive age. Sports doping is like what is in a hot dog, we all know what’s in it but society doesn’t want to see it. Do the kids still say keep it on the DL? Maybe “this is on the QT?”

2nd pin today!
Went better than the first, it was hard to keep from shaking though while I was injecting.

These last few days may be placebo, but I certainly feel less anxiety and more in control of myself. I believe these are the first signs that the test is starting to kick in. Legs today, and I felt maybe a little more energy, but nothing too crazy. Got an extra rep on most sets. I’m eating 3600 calories/day, 250-300 grams protein atleast. Continuing adex .25/eod until I start seeing more bloat. I’m up 5 pounds, weighed in at 275, probably water. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions!

You’re not pinning with the same needle you’re using to draw, are you?

I was just checking in here based on the title of an 18 year old using. I’m not educated enough to comment on that side of things but I was on a nationally known D1 baseball team for a couple of years so I’ll comment about the testing side of things. Contrary to what you think, the guys that got tested on my team were the big ones. One guy was tested every single time. Lucky for him he quit using in juco but he was not “randomly” picked.

I don’t recall when the testing started but I don’t think it was the first month of school, but I played baseball. Our season was in the spring. Football might be different due to its competitive schedule (my school also didn’t have a football team).

I guess one good thing you have going for you is that it’s football and everyone is big…unless you end up looking like Brian Shaw standing next to Arnold when you take the field. Another good (or bad) thing is that you’ll be a freshman. They might not suspect the newcomers to be using so they’ll test the juniors and seniors. That could also backfire if the coaches steer the tests towards the new guys to protect their older guys.

Good luck and I hope it all works out the way you want!

I am pinning with the draw needle. That’s why it’s taking forever! But I’m dealing with it.

That’s also why it hurts a hell of a lot more than it should. Don’t inject with a needle that you just dulled by pushing it through rubber.

Thanks man! I appreciate the response, and the support.

Alright. I will order some 18g needles to draw with! Thank you for the info.

Day 6

Nothing new really, having good gym days and pumps though. My libido has been eh lately, along with some slight discomfort in my joints and some mood swings. I am going to dial back on the adex to .25 e3d until the test starts kicking in more, since I believe I have the classic signs of low E. Otherwise everything going good! Will update tomorrow after 3rd pin.

Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. It seems like you’ve done your research but don’t imagine the side effects before they’re real. I’ve never run a cycle of anything but 6 days seems premature to be making adjustments. But I must admit the adex seems like a precaution so tweaking that might not be an issue.

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