First Cycle - Log and Advice


I’m preparing for my first cycle. I just turned 26, weigh 180 lbs at 5’11.

I’m planning on running one cycle and getting out. Now I’ve read that a lot of people say that and can’t stop using after. If that’s the case, so be it, I’m not interested in this kind of discussion.

I mainly want to make sure I get all my dosage “right”, even though I get that everyone reacts differently.

Test E 400mg a week split in 2 injections for 12 weeks.
HCG - 2 Injections a week.
Nolva - TBD. I think 20mg a day is sufficient. If you disagree please enlighten me.

2 weeks bridge:
HCG - dosage?

I just want to run Nolva. I heard it’s sufficient for a low dose test cycle like mine.
Starting 2 weeks after my last pin.
I read 60mg first day, then 40 ED for 10 then 20 ED for another 10 is standard.

As you can see I’m not quite certain of all the dosage, which is why I’m humbly asking for your opinion/help.

Thank you for your time,


No need to bridge HCG if you’re taking it on cycle. You can simply take 250iu 2x a week during your cycle and it should be enough to keep your testes from atrophying. TRT patients take anywhere from 500-1,000iu/w to maintain testicular function and fertility.

Nolva pct can be four weeks at 40/40/20/20 and that should be sufficient. But let’s be clear about something: the dose of testosterone is irrelevant to pct. There is no difference between 400mg/w and 1g/w when it comes to being shutdown. Once your body stops producing on its own you’re at zero, and any exogenous testosterone dose will do that to you over the course of a 12 week cycle. So for the purposes of pct don’t think about your dose being dependent on what you took on cycle.

Thank you for shedding light on this issue, I understand your point. What about running low dose nolva during cycle? Should I only do it if I get gyno?

Also, for HCG, if I run the dosage you recommended during cycle, I understand I don’t have to bridge, but should it be part of my PCT?

Thanks a lot for the reply truly appreciate it.


Actually after reading a lot

It seems like HCG is best used during cycle and that you should never run it with youe PCT. Should I run it throughout or just towards the end?

Depends why you’re using it. If it’s for general health then use it throughout. If it’s to make your pct easier (which I don’t necessarily believe it can do) then you’d run it at the end of your cycle. It’s cheap enough that you could use it the whole cycle and frankly there’s a reason reputable doctors prescribe it to TRT patients.