First Cycle Lethargy/Test Flu

I have seen it time and time again in posts, some say they are feeling shitting in X day in the cycle (usually within the first week) or have flu-like symptoms because of the test. I was wondering if this is more of a rare or common side effect as I do not want to kick start a cycle if I know I’m gonna be in bed for a few days feeling like crap.

If this is true, more often than not, should one slowly increase the amount administered? Or would this depend solely on the half-life of the particular testosterone in choice?

Example starting cycle:
Week 1 100mg test e
Week 2 200mg test e
week 3 400mg test e
and so on…

No. Don’t waste your time.
Lots of people get it, lots don’t. Just do your cycle the right way and suck it up if it happens to you. It certainly didn’t hinder me from gaining 30lbs on my first cycle.