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First Cycle Layout Input

What’s up everyone. I’ve been reading the forums for several months now to plan my first AAS cycle. I’m 22, 6ft1, 190lbs, about 14 % bodyfat, been working out for about 4 years here and there, 2 seriously. Goal: Gain about 15 lbs of muscle while dropping the bf.

From the research I’ve done on this forum, this is what I came up. I will gladly take any advice/input from other tnation members, especially the more experienced ones.

Weeks 1-8 : Test-e @ 500mg weekly (250mg E3.5D)
Weeks 1-4 : Dbol 3times a day @ 30mg
Weeks 1-8 : Armidex @0.25mg a day
Weeks 8-10: Dbol 3 times a day @30mg
PCT Weeks 10-14: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Thoughts ?

you dont need PED’s, you need to eat more and give it time

anyway adex looks a little high. standard dose is 0.25mg E3D

also, you may want to front load a gram the first week… other boards front load a gram the first two weeks and they seem to like it, fwiw

just go for mass on your first cycle IMO

15 lbs is attainable but you’re gonna need to really pound some calories

Leave out Armidex until you actually need it

0.25mg E3D is more than enough as stated above

[quote]oscarhs wrote:

0.25mg E3D is more than enough as stated above[/quote]

Theres simply no way you can claim that, as a general statement.

OP. Start with .25mg eod and be prepared to increase the dose rather soon after the cycle starts if you react to test and dbol like most people do.

Appreciate the input.

New Layout:

Weeks 1-8 : Test e @500mg(250mg E3.5D & Frontloaded at 750mg)
Weeks 1-4 : Dbol 3xday @30mg
Weeks 1-8 : armidex @ 0.25mg EOD
Weeks 8-10: Dbol 3xday @30mg
Weeks 10-14: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

1- Should D bol be taken all at once before working out ? or throughout the day split into 3 doses of 10mg ?

2- How and when should increase the armidex dosage?

Thanks again guys

  1. If you really want the most stable blood levels, split up the dbol. Not that it would necessarily make a big difference in overall gains though if you took it in one dose per day.

  2. Increase the arimidex if your nipples start getting tender or sensitive. Not everyone is prone to gyno, and some are very prone, so you will have to see how you react.

I don’t normally run an ai, but I know how my body reacts to the drugs I’m using. Some of my friends are very gyno prone even when running lower dose cycles.

Have you thought about running that test 10 weeks and bumping that last set of dbol from 10-12…that test wont kick in until about week 4 giving you a month of those quality gains…8 weeks is a bit short although it is not a problem, just my opinion…best bang for the buck ya know? without harming yourself at 16 weeks or anything crazy like that for a first cycle