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First Cycle. Keeping it Simple

STATS: Age: 26
Height: 5ft8
Weight: 155lb
BodyFat: 18%
Notes: very small frame/bone structure. Been training for 2x years.

My cycle (12 weeks)
Test E 250 - 2x per week. Monday + Thursday
Arimidex - 0.25 (quarter of a tab) every other day

Nolva: 40, 20, 20,10

I have very skinny legs which im self concious of, tiny bones etc so want to beef up and have found it a slow process - eating 2800-3000 calories a day - 170g+ protein. Carry a bit of fat. For my size and bone structure I have okay strength and good technique.

I’d love some advice for my first cycle which im starting tomorrow? Will probably post updates if theres interest too

You need to eat more. You don’t need steroids, you need a better diet. Seriously. I’m 5’7”, so I know what 155 looks like. I was 155 years ago. I was also at 13%, didn’t lift (cardio only twice a week), and you’re considerably higher. You should be able to pack on size with the right training and diet. No amount of testosterone will make up for those two things being poor. And look, you probably don’t have genetics on your side if you’ve been doing everything well for two years and are still sitting squarely in DYEL territory. So you need to adjust training and diet and get some real results before you start using gear. You made no mention of blood work, either, so how ready are you really?


Cheers Yuppie.

At 18% fat I just worry that i’ll continue putting more fat on. When if i cut i’ll just look like a stick.

3000 cals is more than most calculators tell me to consume and protein is fairly high - again my body fat being relatively highish is an issue for me too. Skinny fat I guess is me in a nutshel, however I do have muscle.

Training is on point too. Doing an Upper/Lower split x2 each a week. Compounds and increasing lifts when I consistently or progressively overloading via reps and sets.

True about bloods. I’ve only had a testosterone test a couple months ago which was a measly 9.38nmol. Just obove low :confused:

How long have you been seriously training for?

Been training for a couple years mate

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Excellent. How many times /day are you eating? You mentioned 170g+ protein /day but what about the rest…carbs, fiber, fats? Whats the complete breakdown per day.


Carbs are around 380g and fats around 100g. Fiber i don’t track it too much as didnt know if it was that important.

I fit all of this into 4/5 meals a day and it is mostly good sources. Chicken, whey, beef, tuna for protein. Oats, bread, pasta, rice, potato for carbs.

It’s not wholly clean however I do have dirty cheat meals a couple times a week

Look, if your training and eating are right and you’re still getting nowhere then maybe you’re the outlier. Maybe your genetics are not working to your advantage and you really do need to enhance things. Only you can know that. You say you’re doing it right and I’ll take you at your word. If that’s the case then do what you need to do. But I’d really urge you to cut a bit first. Even if you end up looking like a stick it’ll only be temporary.

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380g of carbs daily seems to be a lot unless I’m not thinking this out clearly, protein seems a tad high too for being natural, if you’r body doesn’t use it, it’ll store it as fat. I would look into cleaning up the diet first, i.e. brown rice instead of white rice, sweet potato instead of regular potato. Can even add a meal replacement shake as added meal.

Thanks for the input guys. I have stalled but i’m going gear route.

What about the cycle I posted above - anyone have any tips or additions I need to add in?