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First Cycle - July 2016

Alright so I have been lifting for three years and want to cycle starting next year july, by that time I will be lifting for 4 years. Right now my stats:
1.82m hight
78 kilos weight
12% bodyfat
I’m 22 I will be almost 23 years old by the time of the cycle.

I have been researching about which cycle I should stack on and I have found few stuff, I know that my cycle base will be test, oh btw I’m going for pure mass cycle. But what I don’t knkw yet what oral shell I go for, to make thing clearer I’m looking to cycle twice and thats it…for now.

This first cycle is mass and I want something that isn’t water based that all the gains will fade when I go off ( I will always keep dieting and lifting hard). I prefer Less gains but LASTING ! and my other later cycle will be cutting (lets not talk about it now).

So what do you guys think ? What cycle shell I go for ? Test and ? I prefer 10 kilos that last than 20 kiloz that sill fade by time.
I need your help people, so help me :smiley:

What makes you think you need a “stack”?

Because as I said above, I wanna do two cycles and only two, I want them to count. What dk you have in mind ?

If you don’t intend to cycle for the long term then there is no point in doing it at all.

You could end up with less natural production than before you started and with time will lose everything you gained anyway.

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[quote]Squats47 wrote:
Because as I said above, I wanna do two cycles and only two, I want them to count. What dk you have in mind ?[/quote]

A massive amount of test, tren, a third injectable and two orals of your choice. Enjoy the ride.

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Wow, isn’t that too much ? Specifically for a first and cycle and 23 years old !?

Nope. I used insulin and a shitload of gh, tren, test and superdrol for my first and only cycle. 7 years later I’m still 260lbs @8% bodyfat. NATTY. My theory is that the sudden influx of drugs hitting my virgin receptors, coupled with the gh, completely redesigned my dna.

I come to these boards just to giggle at juice monkeys.

[quote]Squats47 wrote:
Wow, isn’t that too much ? Specifically for a first and cycle and 23 years old !?[/quote]

You are the one that said you wanted to stack drugs because you only were going to do two cycles and you wanted them to count. I was asking why you felt so strongly you need a “stack” because you could probably get great results with a starter level of test.

The truth is you don’t know enough about the drugs or how they work and your strategy is very flawed IMO by hitting it hard twice and never doing it again. Why take the chance at something going really wrong?

Yes I don’t know alot, I have did my decent research and thats why I’m posting here. I don’t wanna be a doctor steroids or anything, thw way you go to your architecture to build you a house, you don’t you ask for the results u want in the best way,you go to a doctor ask for the best results the best way, you go to your furniture maker you ask him for what you want the best way, I don’t care what or how, I want the least harmful(because there’s no best) and the best lasting results i can get. I don’t wanna learn biology or how things work. And thats why I’m posting here.

You’re not approaching this the correct way. You want to take these compounds that could be potentially harmful to your body if taken improperly but don’t want to learn how they work and interact with your body? Not a smart move. What is something was to go wrong mid cycle? How would you know what to look for to understand that something is going wrong? What would you do to correct it? There’s a lot you need to learn before even diving into something like this. I’d suggest doing a lot more research. Taking gear is not something that you do once or twice and its over, taking gear is something that your going to put dedication towards and will most likely run cycles for the rest of your life.

Just my .02 cents.

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