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First Cycle: Is Deca the Most Hair-Safe?

I’d like to try my first cycle this year but I’m still researching what is safest if you have a tendency for mpb. So far from what I’ve researched deca only cycles look the safest for hair is that true?

Short answer: if you really care about your hair, then don’t use anabolic or androgenic steroids.

But either way, if you are genetically predisposed to lose your hair, you will with or without steroids, it’s just a matter of time.

Steroids that convert to DHT or are DHT derivatives will speed up hair loss more than others. Deca does not convert to DHT, and therefore has less affect on hair loss. But know that any anabolic or androgenic steroid carries an increased risk for hair loss, so give some thought about what is most important to you.

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While its true that compared to other AAS, Nandrolone (Deca) isn’t as hard on the hairline, you really don’t want a nandrolone only cycle. It aromatizes at a fifth the rate of testosterone. So you would need A LOT of it for proper E2 levels and a beginner shouldn’t use a lot.

@galgenstrick gave you a lot of good info. Specifically if hair is a concern you shouldn’t partake. Judging from the question itself you have a lot to learn about aromatization, 5-alpha-reductase conversion, and proper hormone management.

If you read on here you will see time and time again that the best first cycle is long ester testosterone only in the 4-500mg/wk range. Yes your DHT will go up, you may lose hair faster if predisposed, but its the safest.

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Deca shouldn’t be used solo or on its own it for a first cycle IMO. The sides from it can be brutal for some.

Just adding my experience as this was a concern for me. DHT derivatives did cause my hair to shed faster, and unfortunately primo was a great addition to TC. My blasts were between 500 and 700 mg TC per week, both caused an increase in hair loss. I used NPP last cycle for a few weeks but didn’t love the way I felt so cut it. After reading all the posts about finasteride I decided to try anyways. Micro dosing 1.25 mg three times per week was helpful. I changed from that to minoxidil with finasteride tablets dissolved (you can find formulas with a quick search), and that did the best to slow hair loss even during a blast. But yes, stay away from the DHT derivatives, it’ll make you lose quicker than others.

The issue with this is serum DHT is very reduced too. It does not seem to stay in just the scalp. Topical dutasteride is supposed to stay in the scalp better than topical finasteride, but will lower serum DHT a bit. It also seems to only need to be applied 2X a week. RU58821 also seems promising, but needs ED application.

I do it every night. I found this formula after researching prescriptions for topical finasteride. You’re right, it would be absorbed as well, but I believe the concentration required for effectiveness topically is lower than oral with finasteride. I can’t really say much about the side effects with the way I do it, I didn’t have any issues orally with small doses either. But, anecdotally, finasteride in minoxidil has worked for me over the last three months or so to slow down hair loss. I haven’t looked into RU58821, I’m going to run over to google later today!

You’re right I’ve got a lot to learn. What if you take deca with E2 supplemented? Like an E2 cream?

You would probably feel better than without it, but you would also be missing DHT. DHT is needed for libido and erections (at least for most men).

I would use a topical product (either dutasteride or RU58821) and Testosterone over what you are proposing any day. I don’t recommend topical finasteride (see discussion above with @dptfit for my reasoning).

IMO, the nandralone family of drugs (NPP, Deca, Tren) is for the guys at a high level or competing. I am not going to roll the dice on my dick not working for a long period of time (usually accompanied with depression) unless there is serious reward potential (like a strongman pro card perhaps).

If I was going to run it, I would start with NPP (short ester Deca) and low dose. If I start feeling sexual or mental sides, I could then bail quickly.

Since you’re injecting you would want to run a minimum of a TRT dose. ~150mg test a week along with the Nandrolone. Keep in mind many men, including myself, have severe ED issues from nandrolone as well a neurological changes etc. You will here broscience of running 2x test to Nandrolone ratios. Nandrolone converts to DHN versus DHT which some theorize displaces the DHT in tissues causing ED. I don’t know the true mechanism behind it but I DO know that it causes ED in a lot of men as well as depression, anxiety, and jealousy in some.

I think if people read (and understood) all the actual clinical data on nandrolone it would cease to be a popular drug for those who are not very serious about their physiques. It has the risk profile that makes perfect sense for a competitor and absolutely zero sense for your average steroid user.


Ok I’ll look into T with topical du or ru thanks

Look, Deca is probably my favorite drug. Love that stuff. But for some guys it has serious side effects and some of those side effects don’t go away quickly. Or at all. I mean, how would you feel if you took Deca and had all your hair but your dick never worked properly again? Weigh the positive and negatives. Is your hair really that important?

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No. I’m going to look into the T plus topical anti androgen angle. How much T is good to start out with?

400-500 mg per week. Most who do less are disappointed, and more than 500 you might or might not run into issues with e2, but you won’t know going in without experience.

Sounds good I’ll start out with 400 along with a hair topical. I’m thinking maybe both du and ru.

Just be sure to do your own research on these topicals. From what I have heard, they sound good, but read up on them in case you have any side effects from them so you will know what is causing the issue.

Same here. I’ve read they are not much if any better than taking the oral version.

I have heard that with the topical finasteride. It is pretty efficient at getting past the scalp and into the blood. I have heard that because dutasteride has a higher molecular weight it is pretty bad at absorbing into the blood. Supposedly, this also allows it to be applied infrequently (roughly every 3-4 days).

I have seen on another forum that a guy taking the topical dutasteride resulted in a 15% drop in serum DHT, but reportedly the guy went from losing 50-100 hairs in the shower to 3-5 hairs. Not ideal to lower serum DHT at all, but 15% is much better than an oral finasteride or dutasteride.

I don’t have hair loss issues, but have been looking to see if I can find a preventative measure while on blast that does not have a large hormonal impact.

I just am saying to do your own research in case I am wrong. Perhaps I am and this stuff is as bad as the oral versions. I don’t want a recommendation like that on my conscience.

That’s what I’ve read so far too that topical du’s molecular size is too big to effectively go systemic. I’ll keep researching though before starting.

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