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First Cycle, Interesting Circumstances, Need Advice

Stats 26, 6,3 180 10-12% body fat. Experienced lifter and college athlete. Last year suffered traumatic injury which literally killed me for six minutes. I have since fully recovered and have been lifting and dieting for six months

I am three weeks into my first cycle which is test E 500/week and bold cyp 400/week. I also have dbol I would like to add at the end of the cycle to pack on as much strength as possible. Just this week I noticed an immense increase in hunger and stamina in the gym. My strength and recovery as well as pumps are up.i have a few questions for you pros out there

Is it possible for test e to kick in this quick? Is there any psychological things to look forward too in ththe cycle other than my increased horniness? When would be the best time to begin hcg, aromasin, or possibly dbol? I must say this is not placebo at 3 weeks, my pumps are like inhuman. Will the gains just keep rolling in? Also I was wondering if overtraining is even a serious worry on anabolics. Mainly I just want to know if I have increased energy/mood, more gains, or other boons coming my way as I rebuild my body through this twelve weeker.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Have hcg, aromasin, and of course Clomid and nolva on hand for pct. thanks for listening

You could start an AI now or in the next week. Some will even do it from the beginning, but I assume you aren’t noticing any side effects of high estrogen (yet).

Not sure if you need dbol if you are 3 weeks in, the test in your blood is probably already up there. I think dbol is usually used as a kick-start at the front end while the injections are building up.

The only psychological effects are random homicidal rage. :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing big. (jk)

Rofl on the rage. I do have a bit more of a temper as of late. Is what I’m feeling the extent of the cycle? Or will the crazy rate of strength gain keep increasing? I have no estro sides yet. I’m thinking I will use the dbol a little unconvententionally and use it as a pre workout as when I do, I’m breaking prs like it’s nothing. Up 6 pounds (of water) already and 10-15 on all lifts. I keep feeling better and better as he cycle goes on. Do people get feelings of energy and well beings on roids commonly?

Yes. On Tren I get a strong sense of well being plus lots of energy and pumps.