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First Cycle - Input Please

If all goes well I am prepared to do my first cycle. Stats: 38yro, 215, 6’,15-17% BF, experienced lifter, recently underwent knee surgery (meniscus repair) looking to drop some BF and hit some PRs.

Proposed 10 week cycle:

Equipoise 300mg/week
Test Cyp 200 mg/week
week 5-10 Wini tabs (10mg): 60 tabs total distributed daily
also, 40 tabs of zymoplex distrbuted through cycle and 20 tabs clomid for after cycle.

S hould I secure some HCG? Any constructive comments greatly appreciated. I am considering saving this cycle and doing a test only cycle as my first as well.


Your Test dosage is very, very low. I would suggest you fix that (double it). Plus, I hope you don’t mean one of those 10mg Winstrol tabs per day, as 10mg/day is hardly anything.

Honestly, your latter idea is best. You should save all the rest of that stuff and stick with a Test only cycle first. Of course, be sure it’s considerably more than just 200mg/week.

Choose your second idea, run test only for about 12 weeks. Your dose should be at least double though, 500mg/week would be good. As far as PCT I would personally run a test taper, but if you go the conventional route I think you may need a little more clomid. IMO running HCG during cycle isn’t a bad thing, but it is not a must have, unless you want to get your spouse pregnant during cycle.

Thanks Contrl and 2thepain for looking at this. I am leaning towards the test only approach. I have some general questions about the proposed cycle:

  1. I know the test is low but isn’t there a synergistic effect of running equi and test together, i.e. anabolic effect comparable to more test with less sides?

  2. The wini tabs are not for anabolic effect per se but to increase free test by competing with SHBP. Is that reasonable?

Obviously, I am trying to err in the favor of caution with this approach. It seems that y’all think that I can’t get around using more test, however. Let me know what you think.

I have a question about this test only cycle. I have been on HRT for about ten weeks, 1cc of cyp per week.

I have been able to get a couple of extra bottles what do you think about taking 1.5 cc twice per week? I have a powerlifting meet april 12?

After the meet going back to one cc per week?