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First Cycle Info

I’m looking for my first cycle 29yo really looking for guidance decent sharp decent diet but what should I take how much how often looking at test only cycle I am reading up on it but still confused sorry for the ignorance

test E 250mg/2x a week (1 shot Monday, one Thursday) 10 weeks

adex .5mg EOD 12 weeks

after 12 weeks

nolva 40/40/40/20/20 with aromasin taper (start at 6.25mg 2x day and taper down slowly)

should be a good place to start.

That PCT is stupid:

With T twice a week, taking Arimidex/anastrozole at the same time might be a better strategy where the peaks of T and anastrozole track roughly together which is what a competitive AI needs if E2 is to be kept steadier.

good info thank you kinda lost me on the post cycles is adex a stack or the ai? nolval is the pct and thats a shot every day or is that an oral again i hate that I’m not up to speed appreciate people helping me not fuck my body up

have you actually read anything yet? The questions you’re asking are very basic, and could be answered with a google search and less than 30 minutes of reading. You literally could have typed ‘is nolvadex an oral’ into google and gotten the answer. Why would you waste other peoples time with a question like that?

I’m not going to give you the answers to these questions. If you’re not willing to take the time to do your proper basic research before asking stupid questions, you’re not worth helping.

I’d just rather get the information from people I think have used these things rather than Google bro sorry to waste space

with what I’ve gathered off here my plan running test e only 250 twice a week mon thurs 10 wk at 12wkpost with hgc and nolvadex still researching the dose dates with and still undecided about airimdex ai not sure if its needed with this cycle I’ve herd its very mild cycle

Do you know what an AI is yet? Have you actually read it’s definition, and what it does?

I’m sure there are some idiots who will tell you you don’t need an AI at 500mg/week. They’re wrong. You do need it.

The reason I asked you to use google was because you were asking questions about definitions of words, not advice relating to experiences. There is absolutely no reason to ask those types of questions. You can also read forums/threads that already exist, for that matter.

I thought ai was an inhibitor for if I had sign s of gyno to have it on hand just in case.But it sounds like like I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about again I weevil research more it’s not the lack of trying to get educated is the abbreviations and slang terms that are hard thank you for still having input though

ai stops test from turning into est i will ad arimidex .25 eod 250mg test monday thurs 10 weeks .10 days after last shot i will run hcg 1500iu every 3d until gone at 12 wk run nolva 40402020 for 4wk

lmao this guy is trolling so hard

a little help plz pct should i run hcg and then nolva or not even get hcg