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First Cycle in My Early 40s

I have endurance trained for many years. long distance races. I have retired and am focusing on body building. Not competing or even have the desire at my age to get that big. I have lost a lot of muscle over the years due to my training and want to gain 10-15 lbs of muscle mass. I’m not a stranger to the gym, however weight training wasn’t my focus. Now it’s my focus and I have spent quite some time in the gym weight training. I am really thinking of going on my first cycle, but keeping the dosage down in hopes the muscle I do gain stays on? I realize I will more than likely lose some, but have no intention of doing more than one cycle and be done with it. I guess my question is what is the recommended cycle stack for someone in their early 40’s who just wants to gain 10lbs and continue to weight train forever? Thanks

:joy: Sure brother. That’s what we all say.

Hell, at your age you may be a candidate for TRT. Best to get a hormone panel and see what your baseline is.


I would just train naturally based on what you have said. TRT as studhammer mentioned is worth looking at. If you run TRT at the higher end and feel good, it can be a game changer long term. However, if you get on TRT, you will be tempted to run cycles (as you already have that desire).

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Thank you.

BTW, I’m 55 and started TRT in my 40s too. However, I had shitty doctors for a long time and no forum like this to get info.

TRT can be life changing but you need to be informed and use discretion on what your Dr tells you. Verify everything they say, many PCPs are very limited in their TRT knowledge.

This is very true. I worked with a really knowledgeable provider, and learned many different view points (on this and a few other forums) for about a year, before going the self administer route.