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First Cycle in More Than 6 Months


Hey all! Long time no talk. I wanted to run a cycle by y'all and see what you think:

Goals: size and strength. All injectables will be double dosed the first week as a frontload.

Age 31. I've been lifting for a long time and cycling for a long time (on and off), and posting here for a little over a year, I think. I have stuck to moderate dosages for moderate returns and been happy with the risk/rewards. Most recently I've done a bunch of 2 on - 2 off stuff and been happy, but I want to give a long(er) cycle shot again.

Here it is:

Week 1-8 500 mg Test E (have used before)
Week 1-8 200 mg Tren E (have used tren before)
Week 2-5 50mg/day Drol (used this before as well)
Week 3-10 200 IU HCG 3x/w
Week 1-9 Anastrazole as needed (will start at 1mg e3d and adjust as needed)

PCT starting week 11: Nolva 40 40 20 20

Alternative is to drop the tren/drol and just run test at 750/week or so

2 months off... maybe some ghrp6 if I find it at a reasonable price. I can get it, just not anywhere near the prices I hear thrown around on here.