First Cycle in a While

How’s it going, I’m most likely going to began a new cycle in 2 months. I have not used aas for about a year now. I am planning a test p/masteron cycle, followed by taper, unsure of whether or not I will use hcg, would love to hear what some people have to say as to it’s true effectiveness while on cycle.

Test Prop - 125mg EOD - 1-8 weeks
Mast - 100mg EOD - 1-8 weeks
0.25mg/day of adex

The reason for adex ED is because I have a slight case of gyno and would like to make sure it does not get worse

As for the taper, during the stasis it is recommended to go 50mg test and 50mg of mast for 4-6 weeks and then begin the taper with just test correct?

This will be my first experience with the taper method so I am looking forward to how it will go.

Looking to gain about 5-10 lbs of lean mass and tighten up a bit
Current stats are 6’0 210 at about 8% bf

I wouldn’t bother with hCG on an 8 weeker. If shrinkage of the testes becomes an issue, you could add hCG to the mix at any point during the 8 weeks.

Yeah I’ve never used it before, I have a couple of friends who believe in it and others who oppose it, so I just through it out there to get some feedback, I tend to like to keep it as simple as possible

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BBB, so do you recommend just a basic Nolva 40/40/20/20? I’ve used it as my normal PCT and been less than thrilled with my recovery, though this will be the shortest cycle I have ran and the first time I will be using prop.