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First Cycle in a Few Years


Hey guys, I'm thinking about doing a cycle. I have previously done a test e/deca cycle about 3 years ago. I am currently about 5'9" 220ish (depends on the day). I've been lifting for about 11 years now, and I would like to get on a cycle to be a little more dry and cut for the summer months. I finished a bulk about a month and a half ago, so I'm looking to dry out and lean up a bit. My cycle would be basic and as follows:

Test Prop Weeks 1-10, 150mg EOD

I was also thinking about taking Winstrol for weeks 6-10 @ 60mg ED. Any thoughts on this?

I would also have a standard PCT of nolva 40/40/20/20 following the cycle.

Thoughts/recommendations? I want the cycle to be somewhat simple, since I haven't jumped on in a while. Also, I have EOD injec because I'm not the best of injecting (I can't really pin myself all over the place very well - usually do it in the quads). I'm also open to going for 12 weeks, changing the dose a little bit, or a bit of both.

Thoughts, opinions, and criticism are welcome.


I'd drop the winstrol to 50mg/day and then run it a few days longer. Reasoning via Bill Roberts:

"There are no particular noticeable added side effects from use at 100 mg/day, but I am unsure as to whether there is any further benefit compared to 50 mg/day usage. I think it likely that when Winstrol is only part of a stack which in itself would be reasonably complete, amounts added beyond 50 mg/day add little to nothing further. But when used alone or with rather small amounts of other anabolic steroids, there may well be some further improvement at the higher dose."


why prop for 10 weeks? surely test e is simpler.


Water retention- what are your thoughts?


Diet and arimidex.

Not sure how the enanthate ester causes water retention but the prop ester does not.

ED injections of prop will create more stable blood levels, which will prevent spikes in aromatization.


I used Test E on my first cycle and had some bloat due to me bulking during the cycle. Do you think Test E, 2 injecs a week with Adex would control the bloat? Especially if I use the Winstrol longer?


winstrol is irrelevant.

if you eat a diet that would normally not cause excess water retention (in YOUR body). And keep your E2 level in the normal range. 2 or 3 injections of enanthate per week should not cause bloating.

which test you choose is certainly up to you. its not wrong to use prop. I just think its simpler and cheaper to use test e.


I would like Test E better because of the less frequent injecs. What about using 675mg a week (on a 250/375 split; basically 1/1.5ml split) for Weeks 1-10, then 50mg of Winstrol weeks 6-11. Also, having Adex on hand to take .5mg ED or EOD to control bloat. Then my PCT outlined above starting Week 12. Thoughts?




Was it unclear? Here is a little better written:

Weeks 1-10: Test E 675mg
Weeks 6-11: Winstrol 50mg ED
PCT: Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 after Winstrol Ends
Adex: .5mg EOD to control sides


No, it was retarded. .5mg of adex ED is going to be waaay too much. Start at a lower dose/lower frequency of dosing and assess where you need to be.
And why would you inj two different amounts of Test E during the week? Where did you read that this was ideal?


Would .25mg EOD be better? Also, the Test E is dosed at 250 mg/ml. I don't want to run 750mg/week because I feel that would be a little much for this cycle. On the other hand, I think 500mg/week may be too little.


The adex dose is too high to start, so start with .25mg EOD... you do not want to crash estrogen levels.

If you want in between 750 and 500mg per week, why not pick 650mg, and go 325mg each time? That makes a lot more sense... You want to keep blood levels stable, so you shouldn't inject different amounts


Right- start your AI at a lower dose and adjust it accordingly. Doesn't matter what amount of Test you want to run, just inj. the same amount each time. Wouldn't Make much sense to inj 100mg on Monday then 575 on Thursday, right? If you want to do 600 or 650 just do 300mg or 325mg per injection.


I'll see what I can measure out after I get the needles. I'll either go 300mg Mon/Thurs or 325 Mon/Thurs. Thanks for the help guys.