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First Cycle In 4 Years (Test/Eq/Tren)


Whats up guys? I'm new here and wanted some feedback/input on this cycle I am close to deciding on.

I am in good shape and decently cut. However, I am looking to gain no more than 10 lbs of lean muscle. I prefer to have a lean cut body and am not into being big at all. I am just looking to harden my muscles and sculpt a little bit more.

I'm not a newbie and know my shit as far as research goes, but I AM lacking the first-hand experience since I've never taken EQ or Tren

Here is what I am looking at

EQ and TREN, along with a lower dose of Test to safeguard my test levels. I'm wanting to take the lowest possible effective dose for my stats (6'1" 170lbs)
I am also going to have Nolva on hand and Clomid for PCT. I also figured I would get some Dostinex to prevent my prolactin levels from rising.

Alright...regarding my proposed cycle, can you guys give me your input, advice, as well as dosing (i.e., how many milligrams of each should I take and for how long based on the results I'm looking for)

I would greatly appreciate it.


6'1" 170lbs and on gear?


I think the obvious answer is you need FOOD!! Seriously, unless you have a very small bone structure (and I mean VERY small) or are over 40 years old, your goals are definitely attainable without steroids.

Check out Thibaudeau's Carb Cycling articles. Basically you really increase calories (and carbs) on a few days, eat moderate for others, and have a couple of low carb days. All this to gain LEAN mass and limit fat gains, and not just "bulk up".

Another option is to eat waaay more than you're doing, but have one or two of what he calls "control days" per week, where you eat 50% of your calories. Again to control the fat gains while gaining mass.

Last option, is EAT EAT EAT. In your case, the main reason would be the get past the psychological hurdle. It's OK to gain a little fat for a mere 10-16 weeks of your life to help you achieve your lifetime goal of a 180 pound lean physique!

Ok another "last" option, EAT EAT EAT then use a cycle of Test-EQ-Tren to cut the fat while retaining all the new muscles you gained by eating more. You'll probably add a couple more pounds of muscle too. And BTW EQ is not really necassary in this case.


The compounds are good but to get 10 lbs of lean muscle at that height/weight all you really need to do is eat a lot more and keep cardio up to stay leaner.

I realize you don't really want to get hyooooge, but you're under normal size. If you know your training like you say you do getting to 180 and lean is not that hard. It's a waste of Tren to use it on that small of a goal frankly. Sorry to disappoint.

SwD, giving him the benefit, he probably chose Eq mostly to help offset the loss of hunger from tren. It makes sense in that way.



6'1 and 170 ?

That is really small, Im an inch shorter and when I was 170 like sophomore year in highschool I was kind of skinny looking.

You could easily be 190 pounds and lean by just eating more protien and upping your cals a bit.

You wouldn't even have to lose your precious six pack, your holding your body at lower than its healthy weight, you dont need gear to get back up to a normal weight.


How old are you?
Do you have any stats, aside from height and weight?


Thanks for all your advice, but I'm not sure you guys are understanding that I am not one of those guys who wants to take gear to "get all big and shit' or "be a meathead". there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but just not my preference. i enjoy having a size 32 waist. lol

i am more cut than i have ever been in my life. i took dbol 5 years ago and got up to 210. however, i took that in order to gain muscle and develop a well proportioned body; which I now have. i was 200 lbs up until about a year ago when i became a freak about running.

let me put it this way. i'm not trying to be the T-800, but rather the T=1000 (Terminator analogy).

With that said, what feedback do you have regarding my proposed cycle besides "eat eat eat" LOL...come on now

I posted a pic of how i look now so you all can see. i just want that but more muscle, muscle density. like brad pitt in fight club.




Go ahead and give it a try. Not too sure what are you dosing though. Perhaps you could elaborate on what you have in mind?

eigieinhamr, looking brad pitt in fight club is a noble aspiration :wink:


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Pitt was ripped but pretty small from what I can remember. At the very least, aim for a physique like Van Damme.


I looked at your pic, you definately don't need gear to reach your goals. You look young in that picture as well. That's my opinion.

At 6'1 170 you should have a 29" waist.
I'm 5'7 173ish with a 31" waist lol



i have a 31-32 inch waist, but you have to realize that is the area where i store all my fat which equals a bigger waist. I was a 36 7 months ago.

I'm telling you guys, i 6'1 170 is not as skinny as you all are making it out to be.

anyways, i know i don't NEED gear to reach my goals, but I WANT gear to reach my goals. lol
I am 26 years old and a father so i'm not as young you may have been thinking.

i honestly just want dosage advice and cycle design advice so that I can get input since i like to thoroughly examine every aspect of a situation.

what say you?


Unfortunately, as a guy that is 6'1" myself, 170 is exactly as skinny as it sounds. I started training at 160 ish, and I was skinny as a rail.

If you want actual cycle advice, it may be wise to put together a rough draft first. You basically asked for a complete layout of a cycle without offering to show that you had a draft in mind. In other words, people here generally do not respond well to a "Yo, what kind of cycle should I do?" thread.

On the other hand, if you post a rough draft of what you're thinking then people tend to be a bit more inclined to give advice. Profiles of Tren and Eq can quite easily be found on this site or others.

I'm telling you, 10 lbs is a waste of heavy duty gear and money. Honestly.


And you think that bodybuilders - or meat heads as you so respectfully put it, DONT have a 29-32" waist?


6'1" 271
32 inch waist


Dude he looks unfunctional!


good advice. although, that is actually what i am doing. i decided i'm not going to do tren because it is too high maintenance for me. i can gain weight VERY fast so i'm not worried about that. the only reason i'm at the weight i currently am is due to the medication i take. but like i said, i enjoy being slim. and i'm trying to lose as much fat as possible (and subsequently muscle) and then gain lean muscle. i know this is backwards thinking in a sense but i don't care.

i decided i'm probably going to do test/eq and maybe some mast also, since i have access to all of these. from what i have read, this is a pretty good stack. the masteron can also eliminate the need for nolva and is good for density. so i guess if i go with this i'll just post pics of my results since i know they'll be great regardless.

then again, that is my subjective opinion, and i realize it differs from the majority on this board.

if you guys have any feedback, throw it my way.


lol...that's because he is. how somebody could be comfortable like that i have no idea.

to each his own. but i do not understand the compulsion to be that big; unless, of course i am in prison. then it may come in handy.


you are wasting your time even thinking about this.