First Cycle in 2+ Years

Well T-DC is back after a long break. 18 months cancer battle with my dad, brother leaving to play in the sand, mom sick, we all know this story.

I hadn’t gotten to keep any consistency in training until just a couple months ago. So here, 40 pounds lighter and considerably weaker its time to get back what I lost. For those here who don’t know me here are my current stats.

200 lbs
10+ years with the iron
20+ years competitive karate
28 years old
7-8% BF

I was up to 235 with 6% BF before life happened.

New Cycle/16 weeks/Start Date is a tentative 3/1/09

1g Test E / Week
400 EQ/ Week

First 4 weeks
50mg DBol ED (breakfast & pre-wo 25 each)

Adex .25ed (if necessary) I usually have no issues with this

I wasnt planning on using HCG either, I have never had too many issues getting my boys started again.

I have never used P22’s test taper but I think I will give it a try this time. I will have nolva on hand the entire time for any flare ups.


I have had amazing success in the past with a 6k not super clean bulk. My plan for this cycle is as follows. I also try to limit my supplements and do it with food. I’m not one of those people who can eat the same thing everyday and be okay with it, so I have to set guidelines and do my best to maintain them.


Multi Vitamin
Creatine Ethyl Ester
Spike tablets

Breakfast- 4-6 eggs, some kind of breakfast meats, bacon, ham sausage etc. Some kind of carbs, i.e. tortillas, pancakes, waffles again whichever I feel like this particular day. I try to get 1000 - 1200 calories at breakfast

Snack AM- Whole wheat toast with natural pb + whole milk or tuna on wheat or some sandwich and milk possibility.

Lunch- Lunch is out due to my schedule. I usually do Chipotle, or Peruvian Chicken, Some carb and protein heavy lunch out.

Pre WO- Pre WO shake and Spike for energy

Post WO- Post WO shake w/ glutamine creatine and my dextrose/maltodextrin and whey mix.

Dinner- Depends on the boss. I must have dinner with the boss every night or my domestic situation becomes hell. If dinner is something not too wonderful for the cause I’ll make it up later.

Whole Milk all day every day. I try to go thru an entire gallon of whole milk a day.

The Goal;

I want my bench back over 400, my pull back over 500. I want my 35 pounds of muscle back. I want to start turning heads again as I pass, I want my boys to stop fucking asking me why I shrunk.

All input is more than welcome. Certain gentleman here helped me get started the first time around. Their help is more than welcome this time around.

For a shorter cycler, the EQ wouldn’t be the best idea. Should I swap it for NPP and run a bread and butter?

Family happens bro. We all know this. All I can do now is get moving properly again.

I would think that the nandrolone would produce much better gains than the boldenone, so I would opt for that anyways, especially the short ester.

You might want to front load to get blood levels up immediately instead of waiting up to a month.

NPP /Test P dont take a month to kick in…Im assuming you mean the EQ?

OP ill gladly take the EQ if your gonna throw it away = )


No, I was referring to the OP’s original 2 compounds: Test E & Eq. If using fast acting ester, frontloading is a non-issue.

I like the EQ because of the hunger help and the dry gains it helps provide. I usually use longer cycles also.

But I am thinking about trying two smaller cycles. First Being 1g TE, DBOL, Masteron for 8 weeks. SERM pct. Then 12 weeks after the first one ends running a test prop NPP cycle. Has anyone out there done something like this before with success?

Again in your first proposed cycle frontloading would help you to maximize the shorter cycle length especially if using the enanthate version of Masteron.

I know. If i do run the shorter cycles instead of the longer ones a frontload could be helpful. Hence why I’m putting this up here now when I don’t even intend to start for six weeks.

At least I haven’t gotten any of the normal complaints yet. Diet isn’t right, not ready, etc…

whats your age?

I would opt for the two smaller cycles, recovery would be much easier and nandrolone seems to be, in practice, a much stronger compound than equi. I would look into GHRP-6 for hunger support, just dont run it with the test P/NPP cycle use it for the mast/te/bol one…

if you were 230s <10bf you already know your body and subsequently what diet works for you, I wouldnt be worried about that…

In your 2 cycle suggestion, you say you are thinking of using masteron. Why? Why not NPP for both cycles, as it seems to me you are most interested in recovering your mass and strength. Just to keep the gains dry? Test E and dbol are certainly not known for dry gains, either. I’m not saying you are wrong by any means (see next paragraph), I’d just like to hear your reasoning.

Personally, I absolutely love masteron and use it in “bulking” cycles, too. But I have already reached a size I am comfortable with, and am only working on enhancing certain muscle groups at this point; also I am in a position where having a moon face can negatively affect my business.

Tren is a great compound for adding massive strength while maintaining hardness, but you may be one of those whose appetite suffers on tren. I managed to add 17 pretty dry pounds in just over a month using test prop, tren and dbol for my first bb show, then switched over to test prop, mast to diet down for the next 2 months, keeping basically all of the muscle I had gained while dropping to a pretty low bf%. However, I’m blessed in that I do not suffer many sides from tren, and my appetite actually seems to go up when stacking it with test.

I know this post is all over the place, sorry :wink:

I like using a compound like masteron or proviron because for me it works like an AI. I don’t get too bloated and while using it I have never had any estrogen related sides. It keeps the libido right, and I like my mood while on it.

My thought process on this was pretty simple. Make the first of the two short cycles something I am familiar with, that I know will work. Take the break and maintain those gains, then try something new. I have never used NPP before, so this would be a new experience for me.

I also know a straight SERM pct will cover me in the first of the two short cycles, but recovery from the Prop/NPP will definitely require a more agressive PCT, definitely a stasis IMO.

To the person who asked, I am 28.

[quote]egnatiosj wrote:
GHRP-6 for hunger support.[/quote]

I have never used this, or any peptides really. What can you tell me about it or where is a good spot to start my research?

Good to see you back here man.