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First Cycle in 12 Years


I need some help/advice for a cycle and the subsequent pct.

This is my second cycle. My first cycle was 12 years ago.
My 35 yrs old
12% bf
Soccer player/ personal trainer
Workout 4-5 times a week

I legs are really stubborn and I've always had a hard time growing and tearing my quad tendon last year didn't help. Hence the cycle.

I want to run

Test C week 1-14 @ 500 mg/ week
Eq week 1-12@ 400-600mg (?) /week
Anavar week 10-14 @ 50mg /day

HCG during cycle as needed

Nolva post.

What sort of gains should I expect? And can you please critic and give me more insight on the pct and dct?


Run Deca instead. I love Eq but unless your willing to run upwards of 800-1000mg it is just not on the same level as Deca.