First Cycle in 11 Years

I’m about to start my first cycle in 11 years. I’m going to run 50mg test prop and 50mg tren ace everyday. The tren I’m going to run for 10 weeks and the test for 12 weeks. I’m going to run arimadex and prami the whole time and 100iu hcg three times a week during the cycle. Don’t really know what to do as far as pct. I don’t know what to expect as far as results I’m 29 6’0" 238lbs. The only other cycle I ran was 1000mg a week of test e and 1000mg a week of deca when I was stupid and 18. I had no pct and crashed really hard. I want to make sure I do things right this time.

I would shorten the cycle.

  1. cause you’ll be more than happy with this cycle after 6-8 weeks
  2. you haven’t ran a cycle in awhile and you can use this one almost as a first cycle as well as a learning experience for more to come. You’ll make mistakes so do a shorter cycle and analyze what you did wrong to perfect the next one.

Also I would hold the prami and arimidex unless you see unwanted sides. No need to add more drugs in your system if you don’t need them. At 50mg Prop ED you’ll probably get no bloat and I don’t know many people that get prolactin issues at 50mg ED of Tren. You’ll fing love the cycle though I guarantee you that. One of my favorites.

Figure out your goal. Look into a diet that will support your goal. Research a proper PCT protocol. Run a bad ass cycle. In that order. Good luck man.